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  • Smart gear organization makes finding things easier when packing for a trip and ensures hardware doesn’t break.
  • Everything from bikes and skis to mittens and running gels should be easy to find, easy to access, and protected from damage.
  • Our top picks include collapsible, portable crates and standalone racks for bikes, skis, and snowboards.

I’ve been reviewing outdoor sports equipment for 20-some years. From running shoes to snow traction devices, swim goggles to Nordic gear, my home office tends to resemble an ever-expanding outdoor gear shop, and my garage is 10 times worse. 

Add to my profession the fact I’m a former triathlete and adventure racer, current multi-sport recreational athlete, and a mom of two active boys in Boulder, CO, and the mess compounds. As a family, we car camp, and the boys, my husband, and I all ski and snowboard, play soccer and tennis, ride bikes, stand-up paddleboard — the list goes on.

In short: There’s a lot of gear in and around my house.

Even if your life isn’t as gear-intense as mine, pretty much anyone who enjoys the outdoors has adventure supplies that take up too much space. Whether you’re storing camping supplies in a studio apartment or housing a family’s worth of multi-season adventure items, good gear organization goes a long way to improve your space. 

Everything having its own home not only alleviates frustrations but also gets you out the door and into nature much faster. And if we want to get all Marie Kondo on it, improving your space can change your life.

For this guide, I set lofty goals of getting the gear in my mudroom, garage, and yard organized. After stocking up on racks, baskets, and bins, my spaces are still not perfect — but they’re in a lot better shape. Now, when I’m in need of a headlamp or energy gel, I don’t have to dig through piles in the dark corners of my garage. I know exactly where to find it.

Before you store your gear, make sure you properly clean all your winter items like skis, boots, puffy jackets, and bibs; and properly clean all your summer items like tents, sleeping bags, and hiking boots. Then, consider what items would be most helpful. I’ve also included some insight into the best practices for how to start organizing at the end of this guide. 

Here are the best gear-organizing products:

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