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I would like my husband Vivek to be dressed in: He looks dapper in crisp suits though I love him in anything he dons. He has a model’s face and physique hence he enhances anything he wears.

Accent on accessories

My favourite sunglasses: Sleek aviators.

My favourite perfume: Creed and Salvatore Ferragamo.

My favourite brand in watches: Longines, Gucci and Rado.

My favourite brand in shoes: Jimmy Choo.

My favourite brand in handbags: Gucci.

My handbag nowadays has: A sanitiser and face mask besides a lip colour and a hair tie.

Make up magic

My favourite brands in make up: Armani and Tom Ford.

I like to highlight: My eyes and lips. I suppose they are my best features.

When not shooting, my make up is: Lipstick and a bit of mascara.

‘Mane’ attraction

The shampoo and conditioner I use: Jean Claude Biguine.

My haircare routine: During my shoot days, my haircare routine includes proper shampooing and conditioning and if I am not shooting, I oil my hair and scalp well.

For my haircuts, I frequent: Hakim’s Aalim and BBlunt.

Tips ‘n’ more

Tips on clothes: One must do an annual re-organisation of one’s wardrobe. You have to let go of clothes that you don’t wear.

Tips on make up: If your skin is too dry, you must apply a moisturising primer before make-up. Application of primer gives smooth results. If you wake up with a puffy face or open pores, apply ice before make up. A shot of black coffee also helps to reduce water retention.

Tips on hair care: It’s very important to keep your hair clean. It helps protect your scalp from dandruff which is a big culprit behind acne too. Good hair helps in maintaining good skin.

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