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Merino roll-neck top, £130, Filippa K; Eco-resin hair clips, £22, Tort; Cotton dungarees, £59, Olive; Vegan-leather trainers, £144, Saye; Recycled-wool hat, £75, Ganni

The Urban Explorer
There’s blossom on the trees and yet they’re still dressed like Shackleton for a trip to Tesco Metro. What’s cooler than pretending you’re perpetually cold?
The uniform: ankle-length puffer coat, Ganni beanie, suspiciously clean ‘hiking’ boots. Slight sheen of sweat on upper lip.

The Lady of  (Ath)Leisure
Are they currently exercising? No. Have they just finished exercising? No. Are they about to exercise? Possibly, and there’s no way you can prove otherwise.  
The uniform: designer yoga pants, vegan trainers, borderline cultural- appropriating slogan-sweatshirt.

The Throwback
Remember the good old days, when ‘casual’ meant a shellsuit and a Findus crispy pancake? Think Jill from It’s a Sin meets Kath from Kath & Kim. With  an iPhone.
The uniform: mom jeans, fleece, bumbag, fun hairclips, roller skates slung over one shoulder.

The Scandi Noir
They have more fancy Danish in their wardrobe than a bakery, but it’s a strictly monochrome affair.    
The uniform: perfectly cut black coat, perfectly cut black roll-neck, perfectly cut black trousers, platform Chelsea boots.

The Hobbyist
‘Utility’ is their favourite fashion prefix, although they’ll be wearing those natural fibres at a Zoom pottery class rather than  to put up shelves.
The uniform: dungarees, fleece-lined clogs, hand-knitted socks.

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