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Bleach has a large and colorful array of characters that exist in multiple worlds. Each world has a unique visual design when it comes to fashion, and places like Hueco Mundo and Soul Society have uniforms. In order to stand out, these characters typically have to add something to these uniforms or show off their fashion sense when they get to the human world.

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Some of the most memorable characters are remembered fondly by fans due to the clothes they wear. The best outfits stand out from all the rest, and it is easy to tell which characters are the most invested in their appearance and which characters are not.

10 Orihime Inoue’s Pink Sweater & Cloud Skirt Outfit Is Adorable

Orihime eating donuts

As the series progresses, Orihime goes from wearing bright, loud colors to soft pastels. Her clothes are usually on the cutesy side, but the outfit she wears to view Ichigo’s fullbring training stands out as being one of the best.

The clothes match her gentle and sweet nature. The pink sweater looks fluffy with the way the sleeves are puffed up at her elbows, and her cloudy mermaid skirt is a light blue, which flares out at the bottom.

9 Rukia Kuchiki’s Ice Skating Outfit Makes Her Look Sweeter

Rukia smiles

Rukia may not have always been familiar with the customs of the human world, but when it comes to fashion, she adapted quickly. This Shinigami has the confidence to pull off any look, and is often found in a sundress when she is in her gigai.

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Her most memorable outfit is the one she wore right before Ichigo Kurosaki lost his powers. She wears a light yellow coat, a short beige tiered skirt, some black leggings, and most notably, an adorable pink scarf with soft white pompoms at the ends.

8 Shunsui Kyoraku’s Flowered Kimono Stands Out In Soul Society

Shunsui Kyoraku in his uniform

Every Shinigami wears a black robe as their uniform, and every Captain wears a white coat over that. Usually, Shinigami need to accessorize, or else they’ll blend into the crowd. Shunsui wears a flowered kimono over his shoulders, which allows everyone to recognize him instantly.

This sets his outfit apart from all the rest and also matches his usually relaxed demeanor. He has two hairpins in his hair and is often seen with a straw hat.

7 Riruka Dokugamine’s Transformed Outfit Reflects Her Love Of Animals

Riruka Dokugamine after transforming

Riruka loves everything cute, so it’s only natural that she only dresses in cute things. She particularly likes animals, often wearing hats or hoods with animal ears, or even hoodies with wings or a tail.

After receiving part of Ichigo’s powers from Kugo Gingo, Riruka’s outfit changes. She keeps the bunny-eared hat, but she obtains a short pink tie, a heart-shaped chest plate, and two gauntlets with hearts on them. This outfit makes it clear that her powers are love-based.

6 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck’s Post Timeskip Outfit Is More Ram-Like

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck In Bleach

Nel is a character that was somehow able to make rags look good. When she has the opportunity to wear what she wants after the time skip, she wears a fur-covered outfit that cleverly alludes to her ram form.

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Her outfit is lined with the same kind of tan fur she has in her released form, and both her gloves and her shoes resemble ram hooves. She also has shoulder guards, similar to the ones she wears in her released form.

5 Bambietta Basterbine’s Sternritter Uniform Leaves A Strong Impression

Bambietta uses her explode ability

Bambietta is one of the most popular Quincy characters in the series, and it’s not hard to see why. She is dressed in the same uniform as the other Quincy soldiers: she wears a hooded cloak, a trenchcoat, knee-high boots, and a miniskirt.

As her own personal touch, she wears a white cap and a heart-shaped buckle, which matches the other heart-shaped accessories of her friend group. Her outfit is immaculate and a pristine white, but is still intended for battle.

4 Chad’s Pink Floral Shirt Is His Most Memorable Outfit

Yasutora Sado with his right arm transformed

Like Captain Shunsui, Chad prefers to wear something that attracts a lot of attention. He is often seen wearing short-sleeved, collared shirts with floral print, accompanied with dress pants and black shoes.

His light pink shirt paired with light gray pants is one of his best outfits and is seen when he is fighting Bulbous G alongside Karin Kurosaki. The whole ensemble is tied together by the coin he constantly wears around his neck, which was a gift from his grandfather.

3 Mashiro Kuna’s Bodysuit Gives Her A Unique Aesthetic

Mashiro in front of an explosion

Mashiro is seen in multiple outfits during the years, all of which look amazing on her. However, nothing matches her more perfectly than her white bodysuit. The bodysuit is form-fitting and has orange gloves, boots, and a scarf.

This, paired with the goggles on her head and the hollow mask she wears from time to time, gives her the appearance of both a bug and a superhero, making her design one of the most unique in the series.

2 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez’s Uniform Post Time skip Perfectly Matches His Demeanor

Grimmjow running with his sword

Grimmjow is the type of person who thinks that he’s above everyone else, and is eager to prove anyone who disagrees wrong. The way that Grimmjow dresses is not only sleek and stylish, but the punk aesthetic suits him perfectly.

Although his original outfit is great, his newest outfit looks less like a uniform. He still wears the same jacket, but now he has black pants, black boots, and two white belts around his hips. His black shirt is partially unzipped since he wants to keep his scars from Ichigo and Nnoitra exposed.

1 Soi Fon’s Captain Robe Resembles A Butterfly

Soi Fon using her shikai

Soi Fon is dressed to impress, although any enemy close enough to see it won’t have long to appreciate it. Although wearing the recognizable uniform of a captain, the inside of her white cloak is a gold color. combined with the black pattern at the bottom.

The cape resembles the wings of a butterfly when it billows behind her. She also wears a golden sash, displaying her confidence that despite wearing bright colors, she would be able to remain undetected if she really wanted to. It’s a beautiful ensemble, and her uniform is a great match for the golden design of her weapon.

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