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For those who took up crochet as their number one lockdown hobby, it’s really proved itself to be the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has it gotten you through the bleak midwinter evenings, but it’s bang on trend for spring.

We should point out that if your current pastime is needlepoint – or, more likely, whatever box set’s just dropped on Netflix – the crochet ship hasn’t sailed because the shops are full of the brightly-coloured squares of the stuff.

Crochet is always a winner for summer – perhaps because the gaps between its squares can be a tad drafty in colder months – but it’s also been at the centre of one of this week’s good news stories. Last year, Colville put out a call to its crafting community, asking them to send in knitted or crocheted squares so that it could piece together five blankets that could be auctioned off to raise money for CADMI, a women’s refuge for victims of domestic violence in Milan. Two of the blankets, which were hand-crocheted together by Manusa, an association in Florence that helps vulnerable people looking for skills training, are now at Sotheby’s, where the starting bid is £2,000.

The best thing about crochet, of course, is that it lends itself to both colour and a celebration of craft. Story MFG’s scarf is hand-made using natural dyes by its partners in India, while All Things Mochi’s crocheted balaclava has been pieced together out of recycled squares.

Wales Bonner’s linen-blend tank dress with a cool crochet hem is the stuff of re-emergence dreams (at least mine), and is definitely comfortable enough to make the transition from sweatpants that little bit more streamlined. Wood Wood’s crocheted polo shirt, on the other hand, would look lovely with patterned shorts and Birkenstocks. Of course, it’s never too late to pick up a crochet hook. Just make sure you do it sooner rather than later because summer – thank goodness – is finally coming.

Wood Wood, Pete Crochet Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt, £370

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Zara, Crochet Shorts, £19.99

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Zara, Straight Crochet Skirt, £49.99

3 of 10

Story MFG, Piece Scarf, £310

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Wales Bonner, Lucia Crocheted Linen-Blend Dress, £650

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Toast, Crochet Top, £295

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Mango, Crochet Cotton Dress, £49.99

7 of 10

Wild Orange Tree, Cardigan, £100

8 of 10

Ganni, Crochet Bag, £50

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All Things Mochi, Iman Crochet Balaclava, £44

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