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WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13, Episode 14, “Gettin’ Lucky,” which aired Friday on VH1.

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the final four queens are singing and dancing their way into the finale with the debut of Ru’s new song, “Lucky.” Along with that, the runway is all about drag excellence, with the queens bringing looks that define them and show off their best drag. The following article breaks down the challenges and the eliminations of Season 13, Episode 14, with plenty of spoilers ahead.

The Fallout From Last Week


With Olivia Lux gone, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 has its top four: Rosé, Gottmik, Symone and Kandy Muse. The queens are all excited to be in this together, and they reminiscent about where they all stand in terms of tops and bottoms. Rosé has won three times and never lip synced. Gottmik has also never lip synced, and she won two of the most noteworthy challenges: Snatch Game and the ball challenge. Meanwhile, Symone has the most wins at four, but she’s lip synced twice. Finally Kandy is the most recent winner after the roast, but she’s lip synced three times.

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The Maxi-Challenge: Lucky

gottmik rupaul

In classic RuPaul fashion, the top four maxi-challenge is a performance to Ru’s newest song, “Lucky.” The queens have to create their own original verses for the song, and they will then work with choreographer Jamal Sims on their dance numbers. After this, it will all come together in a colorful performance.

On top of this performance, the queens will sit with Ru and Michelle Visage on their podcast. Gottmik is first, and she talks about her transition and where her drag name comes from — it’s the first part of her last name and the first part of her old name. She also talks about how she realized she’s more than just a gorgeous face throughout this competition, and Ru and Michelle remark that she’s come so far and that her freedom is infectious.

Rosé is next, and she talks about how blessed she is to have parents who’re so supportive of her and her drag. She also goes in depth about her theatrical background and how drag gave her a new sense of freedom in regards to her performance art. Rosé also hopes that one day she can be on broadway as her drag self and that her music group, Stephanie’s Child, can be featured on the radio.

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After Rosé, Kandy talks to Michelle and Ru, and like Gottmik, they discuss where Kandy’s name comes from. Inspired by a movie, she wanted to be a muse herself, and she used the first letter of her birth name — Kevin — for Kandy. Along with that, they jokingly discuss her runway look last week, which none of them remember fondly. On a more heartwarming note, Kandy reveals how she initially thought she had to be a badass bitch to make it in the competition, but as the show has progressed, she’s been more vulnerable with others and embraces the parts of herself that others have made fun of outside the show.

Finally, Symone steps on the stage to discuss her time with House of Avalon. The whole house, including herself, moved from Little Rock to Los Angeles, which was a tough but life changing move for the queen. She also discusses how over the course of the season she’s needed to confront her inner saboteur to let herself truly shine, especially when everyone else sees how strong an artist Symone is.

The Runway – Drag Excellence

rose rupaul (1)

After the performance, the queens take to the runway in some of their best drag. Gottmik comes out in a black and white polka dot dress that Cruella de Ville would envy. Her makeup compliments the look, showing off her clown white face. Following her is Kandy, and she is going against the grain. While most queens over the years have worn gowns for the top four, Kandy is wearing a colorful, chic bodysuit with a corset and red wig that Daphne Blake would love to wear.

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Rosé, who’s originally from Scotland, is channeling her heritage in a tartan gown this week. She is also wearing a long red wig that completes the look. Finally, Symone comes out in yet another stunning outfit. He purple gown screams royalty, especially with its huge sleeves, which rival the most regal of capes. She also wears yet another amazing wig, this time donning platinum cornrows.

The Critiques

The critiques are nothing but positives this week. Starting with Gottmik, the judges love how her dress this week blended glamor with chic humor, and they remark how she’s brought it with every single look, delivering some of the best outfits in drag race history. Furthermore, it’s clear that she was excited to be here during the performance, giving it her all. She’s impressed the judges once more, as her creativity always excites them.

As for Kandy, this look is one of her strongest, from the proportions, to the makeup, to the tailoring. Her charisma also shines through during the performance. While she’s had ups and downs throughout the show, Kandy has stayed true to herself and fought for her place in the competition. Her humor has won over the judges, but so has her heart and drive.

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Rosé once again is praised for her professionalism, with Ross Matthews remarking how she is consistently the most prepared on set. She always hits her mark and is the total package, as she can sing, dance and act. Plus, her polished style and humor have worked in her favor on most occasions.

Finally, the judges discuss Symone, and her outfit makes her look like a queen, with the judges even wanting someone to email Anna Wintour so they can get Symone on the cover of Vogue. She has delivered some of the most iconic looks this season, but the clothes never wear her; she wears them. Like Kandy, her charisma also comes through in the performance, and the judges are ready to buy whatever Symone is selling. While she’s had some bumps, Symone has learned immensely while staying true to herself.

The Lip Sync

It’s close this season, so Ru decides to have all four queens lip sync to “I Learned from the Best,” by Whitney Houston; however, instead of competing on the same stage, each queen will perform the song alone. At the end of the lip sync, Ru’s made up her mind, and all four queens will move on to the finale, which is set to air in two weeks. Before Ru crowns America’s next drag superstar, all the queens will tune in remotely for a reunion next week.

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