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All you need to know about eco-friendly vs vegan clothing

All you need to know about eco-friendly vs vegan clothing&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Eco-friendly clothing is about using sustainable material for packaging

  • Vegan clothing looks at animal cruelty free production

  • Check out how different/similar vegan clothing is from eco-conscious clothing

Fashion today is not the same as it was 10 years down the line. Earlier we all ran after what was came with a cheap price tag yet looked good. A little or no attention was paid to whether or not the material, the motifs used etc are friendly for the environment. Thanks to the change in the climate of decisions, courtesy of social media, more and more people are making eco-conscious fashion choices.

While remaining true to their style, they are looking for alternatives that do the environment some good. It is for people like those and many more too that we have taken this space to look at a rather teeny tiny yet important aspect of eco-friendly clothing. 

Coming straight to the point, if you are someone who follows social media trends religiously, you would have noticed how vegan clothing has come to overlap with eco-friendly clothing. Even though the fashion trends come from a similar school of thought of being more sustainable and cruelty-free, they do hold some differences that you must know about. 

To start off with, you need to understand that eco-friendly clothing means anything and everything that you wear does not bring any harm to the environment. In this, khadi, jute, cotton and bamboo fabrics are the most preferred against leather or any synthetic fibres. 

Not just the clothes you wear, even the packaging in which your clothes come home form a great part of eco-friendly clothing. Buying sustainable cotton from a brand that uses plastic for its packaging is a no-no as an eco-conscious consumer. 

Ethical and transparent work culture also forms a small but important part of eco-friendly clothing. Brands that give back to their employees, work religiously towards reducing their carbon footprint and stay clear from hazardous chemicals are part of the eco-friendly clothing team. 

First off, you must know that Veganism or vegan clothing is all not about staying away from animal-derived material or ingredient or fabrics. Sourcing fish skin, cultivating silkworms, turning to sheep for wool and or deriving leather for shoes, bags and belts; all of this and more is a BIG no under veganism.

Instead, the idea is to free animals from such cruelty and turn to plant-based alternatives. Now that’s where the catch lies. If not plant-based, some brands turn to the use of plastic to produce products others derived from animal skin.

The environmental dangers of plastic and other synthetic fibres are well known to all. Vegan-leather, reports suggest, take years to biodegrade which clearly goes against eco-conscious clothing. So what do you conclude from this?

Well, for starters, when looking at vegan clothing, it is best to think of it as an arm of eco-conscious clothing rather than a different subject altogether. However, when looking at vegan clothing contained from plastic and synthetic fibre, it stands utterly against eco-clothing. Either way, eco-clothing and vegan clothing are mutually inclusive. 

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