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Having suffered with an eating disorder in my teens, I have been a size 10 for nearly 15 years now. I’ve had a few fluctuations in that time, but for now this is my ‘happy size’.

There can be huge inconsistencies in sizing across stores, even within the ‘normal’ range that I fall into. On the British high street, I generally find that a size 10 works most of the time, but as soon as you shop with more niche or designer labels things can vary – I have been a ‘small’ in some places and a ‘large’ in others, a typical scenario that many other women in the UK will relate to.

Of course, being a size 10 doesn’t make me the same as every other size 10. I’m 5ft 7 with a longer body and shorter legs. I don’t mind showing my arms but you’d rarely find me wearing anything shorter than knee-length skirts or dresses. 

I have two style personas, too. My wardrobe is clearly divided between Laura Ashley-esque floral dresses and ruffled blouses on the one side and pared-back, simple pieces like tailored blazers and crisp shirts on the other. 

These are the shops and labels which I love and that I’ve found work best for my figure and tastes…

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