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Since March 2020, your kids are a year older, a year taller and quickly outgrowing all of those clothes you’ve laundered a million times during the pandemic. At this point, the only thing more “same old, same old” than being at home so much is the inside of your kids’ closets.

Thanks to the convenience of online purchasing, many families have been able to avoid in-person shopping while steering clear of COVID-19. Even better, clothes that appear at your door keep busy parents from dragging their kids around the stores.

And, for the more fashion-conscious among us — kids and parents alike — there’s nothing better than having a fashion expert curate a great outfit for a special occasion or just for everyday wear.

Here’s where a clothing subscription box fits the bill.

“We deliver personalized, coordinated outfits directly to our members’ doors, relieving parents of the stress of shopping for and styling outfits for their kids,” says Ezra Dabah, CEO of kidpik—a clothing subscription box for kids’ sizes 2T-16.

Why a subscription box?

From age 2 through teens, kids grow an average of 2 1/2 inches each year. Subscription boxes allow families to keep up with growing children while maintaining a budget. With a subscription box, you know how many pieces of clothing you’ll be getting and how much it costs each month, quarter or year.

kidpik’s boxes start at $0 — meaning there is no requirement to keep what is sent — and there’s no “styling fee” which can cause the costs to add up. Subscribers also have the option to choose to have a new box sent on their schedule — every four weeks, six weeks or 12 weeks. And each box comes with seven pieces, including shoes and accessories, so you can keep up with growing feet, too.

How does a subscription service work?

A good subscription box service will want to get to know a little bit about your child. Boy or girl? Into bling or a bit more normcore? What about favorite colors and prints? All of this info makes styling your child easier and it helps guarantee that fewer clothes will be returned.

The kidpik quiz asks about your child’s favorite styles, if they like shorts, pants or both, do they like dresses or skirts, and more. For more fun, let your kids help you with the quiz! It also tracks your kid’s age and will send a special treat on his or her birthday.

If you’re looking for school clothes, casual staples or something for more formal occasions, you can even ask that certain items, like jeans for example, be excluded from kidpik boxes.

Once the clothes are styled to your child’s best options — and favorite colors — pick what you like and return what you don’t.

Is a subscription service cost-prohibitive?

It makes sense that saving a trip to the store should also save money. When selecting a subscription service, make sure to note if there are any additional costs associated with your box. The base cost for services varies, and some services charge fees while others require memberships.

kidpik members only pay for what they love and can send back the rest in a prepaid envelope within seven days. Keeping all seven pieces comes at a 30% discount of the total box, bringing it down to an average of $95 per box (or a little more than $13 per piece). If you choose to return everything, you pay $0.

What kinds of clothes am I getting?

Some clothing subscription services pride themselves on the brand names that they can offer, allowing you to “shop” a bunch of stores in one transaction. But what if the clothes just don’t work together?

kidpik is its own brand and makes all of its own clothes, so the seven pieces that come in each box can be mixed and matched to make three totally different outfits. This takes the guesswork out of styling, making filling your kids’ closets easy and even fun.

“The kidpik collection is designed entirely in-house with outfits and coordination top of mind. This allows us to deliver items that mix and match beautifully, and guarantee consistent fit, quality and value with each box that ships,” says Dina Sweeney, Chief Merchandising Officer of kidpik. “With kidpik, your head-to-toe look is pre-styled and ready to wear with confidence right out of the box!”

5-year birthday celebration and 1 million boxes shipped

kidpik is celebrating its birthday between April 6 and April 22, 2021, and as a present to everyone, kidpik has sponsored a contest where one lucky winner will receive the ultimate at-home birthday party kit box (cupcakes, a movie, popcorn, plus the perfect birthday clothes), and another five winners will earn a free kidpik clothing box.

If your kids want to wish kidpik a happy birthday on social media, enter the contest with the hashtag: #HBDkidpik. You can also enter by emailing

Learn more about kidpik at

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