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Ramona Singer is the longest-running Real Housewives cast member of all time with twelve consecutive seasons under her belt as a full-time Housewife – and she is working on her thirteenth. Meanwhile, Sonja Morgan is the “straw that stirs the drink” that was once married into the J.P Morgan family. Together, they are Ramonja: a force to be reckoned with on The Real Housewives of New York City.

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But who is the real star of the Big Apple? While Ramona has been on the show for two seasons longer than Sonja, they are both longtime fan favorites with countless outrageous moments.

10 Ramona: The Premiere Episode

Ramona looks at the camera

Ramona Singer has shared her life with the world for over a decade. Fans have followed her through her career, divorce, and dating, all while raising a daughter in her spitting image. When the show premiered in 2008, Ramona was the first person introduced to audiences. Her first few moments in the series premiere set the tone for how the series would feel.

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“I’m proud of being sexy,” Ramona confidently declared in the first episode while footage of her dancing in a club with friends played in the background. Although some fans would argue that Bethenny and Jill were the stars of the first two seasons, Ramona was the first to show the world what the Real Housewives of New York City would be.

9 Sonja: New Girl, Old Money

Sonja Morgan with her hands up

By the third season of RHONY, the show hit its stride, but some elements were becoming stale. By this point, Bethenny had locked horns with every cast member, and Kelly was being Kelly. The show was entertaining, but it wasn’t evolving. Then Sonja Morgan was introduced, and everything changed.

In the seventh episode of the third season, “New Girl, Old Money,” fans met Sonja Morgan for the first time. Fans thought it was odd to meet a new full-time cast member so far into the season, but Sonja was a breath of fresh air that the show desperately needed. She stole the attention away from everyone during her debut season because fans were so intrigued by a new cast member.

8 Ramona: Runway Model

Ramona Singer walks the runway

One of the most iconic Ramona Singer moments came during the third season when she walked in a show during Brooklyn’s Fashion Week. She had never modeled before, but she approached it with her signature high level of confidence. Unfortunately for her, the final result was more hilarious than glamorous.

Ramona came storming down the runway in a black dress, her eyes popping and her hands awkwardly waving back and forth. Jill Zarin described it best: “She looked like an alien invaded her body.” While the moment was probably embarrassing for her at the time, it has become one of the most meme-worthy moments in the show’s history. Only a star can take an embarrassing moment and turn it into a win.

7 Sonja: The Toaster Oven Saga

Sonja Morgan in an apron presenting a toaster oven

During the show’s fifth season, Sonja linked up with new cast member Heather Thomson to launch a toaster oven as part of Sonja’s new business venture. Heather offered to help with the branding and the product launch, and it evolved into a whacky, season-long subplot.

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By the end of Season 5, it became apparent that the toaster oven wasn’t going to come to fruition. The whole situation drove Heather absolutely wild because she dedicated so much time to helping Sonja bring her idea to life. Looking back on the toaster oven saga, it’s pretty humorous how Sonja managed to create an entire storyline about a product that never even came close to hitting store shelves.

6 Ramona: Turtle Time

Ramona Singer angrily walks down the street with a drink

“Scary Island” is one of the most talked-about vacations in Housewives history because of all of the crazy drama that unfolded. While the girls were hopping between yachts and enjoying cocktails, Ramona saw a restaurant called Turtle Time. She started drunkenly twirling around, saying, “Turtle Time,” and it somehow became one of the funniest things that she has ever done.

“Turtle Time” was one of the few occasions that fans got to see Ramona let loose – that’s usually Sonja’s job. And despite the chaos that ensued on Scary Island, Ramona managed to create an iconic, lighthearted moment.

5 Sonja: The Caburlesque Show

Sonja Morgan sits down dressed up for a burlesque show

Before Luann did cabaret, Sonja did caburlesque. With a combination of a burlesque show and a cabaret performance, Sonja spent a good chunk of Season 6 hyping up the event. Fans saw her do a burlesque show in earlier seasons, but the caburlesque raised the stakes as it was a bigger, sexier performance than what audiences had previously seen.

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In the end, Sonja absolutely crushed her performance. It takes a real star to hit the stage in a one-woman show like that.

4 Ramona: Season 6 Reunion

Ramona Singer sits next to Andy Cohen at a reunion show

To shut down Andy Cohen’s line of questioning during a reunion, it takes star power, and Ramona managed to pull it off in Season 6. Andy began asking Ramona about her marriage because the rumors at the time suggested she was heading for divorce. “I don’t want to take this discussion any further,” Ramona said calmly, but fans could sense some tension behind her voice. Then she turned to Andy and said something no one was expecting: “So, how’s your love life? Who are you going to have sex with tonight, you tell me?”

Fans couldn’t believe that Ramona would turn the line of questioning around on Andy himself. Not every Housewife could get away with that.

3 Sonja: Milou’s Funeral

Sonja Morgan gives a eulogy at Molou's funeral

Sonja managed to draw the entire cast to her dog’s funeral during Season 6. Her beloved dog, Milou, passed away, and the women arrived in their most fabulous funeral attire to pay their final respects.

Fans were sad to see her bid farewell to her pup, but in signature Sonja fashion, a hilarious moment quickly followed. As she tried to dump the dog’s ashes into the river, a gust of wind blew them back onto her. “He’s all over me,” she shouted while dusting her dress. Then she casually remarked, “I wore this to Prince Rainier’s funeral.”

2 Ramona: Leaving Bethenny Speechless

An angry Ramona Singer on the phone

Throughout the series, Bethenny proved to be a formidable opponent when it came to arguments. She always had the right thing to say, and she could cut down the other cast members with ease. In Season 10, Ramona had enough.

Ramona was walking her dog Coco when Bethenny called her to address some rumors she heard. Ramona stopped in her tracks, arguing back and forth with Bethenny as Coco wandered in and out of the street. “Get a reality check,” Ramona shouted at Bethenny. “You don’t support other women!” It was one of the few times that someone effectively defended themselves against Bethenny, demonstrating Ramona’s star quality.

1 Sonja: Century 21 Debut

Sonya Morgan uses a microphone at the Century 21 debut

For years, fans have followed Sonja through her business ventures. She launched her clothing line, Sonja by Sonja Morgan, but it wasn’t profitable. Season after season, fans saw her try to make the clothing line successful, but she had sales and logistics issues.

By Season 12, Sonja had her big break into fashion. She struck a deal with Century 21 to feature her clothes. “It’s been a long haul,” Sonja said during the launch event. She exuded a different kind of energy from what fans expect from Sonja. All of the drama of Season 12 seemed to temporarily fade away because everyone was genuinely excited for Sonja’s success. There was an undeniable spark in her eyes as she finally had a taste of the success she had been dreaming of.

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