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What can worsen your heat rashes Photo Credits: Pexels

What can worsen your heat rashes Photo Credits: Pexels&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Avoid touching the rash area and let it heal naturally

  • Wear loosely-fitted clothes to reduce skin-to-skin friction

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on rashes instead of ice-cold water bottles

The mango months are here and if there is one thing most of us love more than biting into the juicy fruit is pulling our strappy tops and shorts out of the trunk. Summer fashion is the best and we are not taking no for an answer. You get to style noodle dresses, flared skirts and whatnot. Speaking of which, as much as we all love to doll up in summer-appropriate attires, our skin does not resonate with our happy feeling. 

During the summer months, our skin starts to look dehydrated and lacks nourishment. It’s worse if your skin is prone to summer rashes. Not only do you attempt to hide it under your clothes, every other second you also feel like scratching it or putting something cold over it. But you must know that none of it is good for your skin.

For healthy and radiant skin even during the summer season, you must avoid making such beauty blunders. Below we have rounded up some mistakes that you MUST avoid making, at all costs, if you get heat rashes, check out:

Avoid wearing tight clothes

This summer season, say bye-bye to your body-hugging dresses. Instead, load your closet with flared dresses and loosely fitted tees. If you are prone to heat rashes, tightly fitted are a bad choice for you. In the summer months, the more we let our body breathe, the better it responds. 

Do not step outside with heavy makeup

Taking inspiration from the previous point, during the summer months, you should also let your facial skin breathe. Avoid stepping out in the sun with heavy makeup that later on inches and annoys you. 

Never leave the house without sunscreen

We have said it plenty of times, but we are going to say it again! Never step out of the house without wearing sunblock. The summer sun is terrible for your skin and not only does it worsen the rash condition. 

Reduce skin to skin friction

Summers are not the ideal season to put on your tight high-waisted jeans. You need to reduce the skin to skin friction. For this to happen, best wear shorts, t-shirts and everything that lets your skin breathe. 

Touching the rashes

Apply an ice-cold water bottle or scratching your rashes, touching them with dirty hands, applying moisturising creams on it without consulting the dermatologist are just some habits that worsen the rash condition.

You may feel the temptation to put something cold on your rashes. Instead of opting for any random product, keep aloe vera gel handy with you. If you want something cool, just apply aloe vera gel and you will be good to go. It is both pocket and skin-friendly. Other products with cooling properties that you can use as an alternative would be rose water. 

However, you must note that not all kinds of heat rashes are the same. If you feel yours is showing no signs of receding, better to consult a physician and seek proper help. 

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