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When I lived in Singapore, I was always dressed in very light, summery clothing. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and it’s very humid – not ideal for jeans or tweed jackets unfortunately! In London, when I was working in finance, I dressed very corporate – a smart dress or trousers and high heels everyday, and no loud colours (besides the occasional red nails). Now that I work for myself, I dress more like I would have done so off-duty: jeans, flowy, colourful and maxi dresses and more flats and loafers. I wear timeless and en-vogue brands such as Ralph Lauren, Rag & Bone, Acne Studios, Chloe and Jacquemus. On an average day in the neighbourhood you will find me in high-waisted flares, a shirt and some ballerina flats.

There’s a saying: It’s always summer when you’re from Singapore. So the first time I owned a coat or pair of boots was when I went to university! From having worn summer clothing all my life, I was now wearing jackets, coats, tights (once I managed to find them in my skin tone) and even planning how my hair should look in winter vs summer (darker in winter, lighter in summer by the way). It was a whole new approach to style for me! I was completely taken aback by how little I knew about fashion and style before moving. There was certainly a large part of the London wardrobe that I had missed out on growing up in Singapore. I believe my style has improved considerably since I moved here; London is an incredible place for creatives and arguably the best-dressed city.”

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