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Last summer, the athleisure label Year of Ours released a tennis collection featuring collared workout tops and skirts (ahem, see below). When I saw the images splash across my IG feed, I immediately stopped scrolling bc it was just so cute?! And once I saw the brand’s collection, I suddenly noticed that tennis-inspired clothing was everywhere: I saw polo shirts, pleated skirts, and crew socks paired with white sneakers cropping up on the reg around my neighborhood. (Okay, so maybe my observational data was skewed because I did live by a popular local tennis court at the time, but still!) Yes, that was last year, but if anything, brands are doubling down on the sporty trend for 2021—and I am here for it.

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Kule recently launched a tennis collection with retro-looking shorts, tees, and socks featuring racquets and vivid green hues, Tory Sport’s newest drop has some of the prettiest polo shirts and A-line skirts that look right at home on a court, and even high-end designer Thom Browne is getting in on the trend with his adorable (and expensive) drop-waist tennis dresses. Others like Eleven by Venus Williams, Full Court Sport, and Ascot Manor also offer practical performance wear if you actually play, but want some oomph to your court ‘fit.

Of course, one of the OG fashion brands built on tennis is Lacoste, named after French player René Lacoste who was No. 1 worldwide in the 1920’s. I thought the preppy aesthetic was SO not me, and in a complete 180 move, I now scroll through the website constantly and ogle all those crocodile logo designs. But alas, what is fashion if not for evolving your style, changing your opinions, and realizing that you actually love polos and skorts? I mean, the built-in shorts are actually very handy.

You don’t even need to play tennis to get in on the trend. Although just by looking at all the cute clothes and accessories, I guarantee that they’ll make you want to pick up a racket and start practicing. Below I rounded up a bunch of finds inspired by the sport so you can channel your inner Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka this spring and summer. Working on my swing and topspin as we speak.

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Tennis shirts!!!

They might not exactly be made for working up a sweat in, but if you’re going for a more casual, everyday look inspired by the sport, these cute tees are it.

Tennis skirts!!!

Even if you’re not hitting the ball, the built-in shorts on these styles are worth it. No more stress when it comes to bending over or on especially windy days! That worry-free feeling is priceless.

Tennis dresses!!!

While Outdoor Voices exercise dresses are a favorite of mine (the brand just launched a new one, btw!), you can also find lots of pretty ones that are just as comfortable to wear. The A-line or drop-waist silhouettes give them shape, but these ones will definitely hold up if you do any intense workouts in them.

Crew socks!!!

No tennis ‘fit is complete without high ankle socks since they’re the most common style worn by players. One site says it’s because higher socks absorb more sweat on your legs and that they’re better at blocking out clay dust that comes off the court. Shop some fashionable ones below and wear them with white Keds (highly recommend these leather ones) or any other athletic shoe.

Tennis bracelets!!!

They were actually called “eternity bracelets” before tennis player Chris Evert wore one in all her matches back in the ’70s, and from then on, it became the “tennis bracelet.” Okay, so they’re not necessary at all to play in or even wear, but they’re just so pretty to look at anyway. There’s even more jewelry designs out there that get inspo from the sport.

More tennis-inspired fashion!!!

Sometimes it’s more about the ~vibe~ than it is about the design. Pastel knitwear or preppy shorts easily get a sporty look across without being too literal.

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