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Practically every parent on the planet has struggled with getting their kids dressed at some point. From complaints about shoes that are “too squeezy” to shirts with itchy tags and socks that bunch, it’s bound to happen at some point. However, for kids with diagnoses like Autism, Sensory-Processing Disorder or other special needs, solutions are non-negotiable.

Luckily adaptive clothing for kids is a quickly growing market. With features like flat seams, compression and soft, breathable materials, there are now tons of inclusive wardrobe options. We’ve rounded up some of best kids’ clothing brands that offer sensory-friendly and adaptive styles that kids will enjoy wearing—ones that don’t trade practicality for style.

From shirts and dresses, to shoes and even masks, check out the adaptive clothing for kids we’re loving right now.



We’ve long loved Primary for their simple mix-and-match clothes that make it easy to get kids dressed (and even dress themselves. 🙌. ) But what’s more, their bold, colorful pieces are also made from soft, cozy fabrics with flat seams and no scratchy tags.

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Kozie Clothes

Kozie Clothes

For kiddos who benefit from the calming effects of compression, Kozie Clothes has all the wardrobe basics they need. Launched in 2013 by a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a Certification in Sensory Integration, their therapeutic pieces are made with four-way stretch to offer gentle, deep pressure that can help ease anxiety or counteract responses linked to ADHD, Autism, or SPD.

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