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Mum shares easy hack using household items to remove pen ink stains from clothes

Your whites aren’t consigned to the bin after an ink spill (Picture: TikTok/Carolina.McCauley)

Ink is up there with one of the stains most-feared, as it has a tendency to stick around and render the garment or soft furnishing ready for the bin.

However, a hack recently shared by a mum on TikTok might bring some of these items back for you, using only household items.

Carolina from Perth in Australia shared a video of how she gets ink out of her shirt, and it’s delighted her 600,000 TikTok followers.

Carolina’s method – which she describes as the ‘best way’ to remove ink – is to rub hand sanitiser on to the stain first off.

She then uses a ‘sonic scrubber’ (sort of like an electric toothbrush but for cleaning) to lift the stain off.

Then, put your item on a hot wash with half a cup of baking soda in the barrel and vinegar in the fabric softener drawer.

‘This should get you out of trouble,’ she wrote in the caption, before showing that the ‘hello’ she’d written in pen on her t-shirt was gone after the process.

There are certain parts of this that you need to remember to ensure you do get the stain. The first is ‘don’t be shy’ with the hand sanitiser. You want that alcohol to penetrate the fibres so feel free to saturate it.

Next is the hot wash setting. You really need to ensure your washing temperature is high enough, otherwise the stain might not be lifted.

Carolina’s video has now been watched almost 40,000 times, with many tagging friends in comments to alert them to the hack.

Although some suggested soaking clothes in bleach, this can weaken the fibres and can cause yellowing of white fabrics.

This combination uses easy household ingredients and shouldn’t ruin your whites.

Hang your whites outside to dry if possible, and you’ll get an even brighter gleam.

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