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Step by Step actor Bronson Pinchot has lost 60 pounds since last May by cutting junk food. The sitcom star says he’s kept it off by now sticking to a strict vegan diet. While his food choices make sense for a weight-loss goal, what’s surprising is that Pinchot admitted that he doesn’t exercise. He explained to Page Six that he chose not to work out so he could see if he could keep off the weight without having to incorporate cardio. 

While it may seem appealing to some that the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actor doesn’t necessarily have to exercise to lose weight, staying on his diet was not easy. Pinchot revealed that with his new lifestyle initially came hunger pains, which made it difficult for him to fall asleep at first. 

However, it’s clear that those changes paid off. Not only did Pinchot lose 60 pounds, but he now fits into his clothes from his Perfect Strangers days. Pinchot said that he recently came across a box of clothes that he hadn’t touched in 25 years, saying “and I just took off my clothes and put them on and they fit.” He added, “And I thought, ‘I’m pretty sure I’m the only 61-year-old within a 10-mile radius that’s getting into his clothes from when he was a 26-year-old doing two aerobics classes a day.’ And that feels pretty good. That feels pretty good.” We’re glad that Pinchot is feeling his best these days!

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