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If we talk about one of the most beautiful stars, the singer-songwriter Cynthia Rodríguez would occupy an important place on this list, her most recent outfit spoke for herself after she left her fans breathless in a black leather ensemble very similar to one that Kylie Jenner wore a few weeks ago.

An outfit of a black leather top and pants were the key pieces that highlighted the beauty’s attributes Cynthia Rodriguez, who manages to own each fashion trend like a top model, apparently, there are many famous, in addition to the Kardashians who are inclined towards this type of garment.

If there is something that does not go unnoticed, it is the defined silhouette with which the famous girlfriend Carlos Rivera placeholder image She manages to stand out every day, leaving her 3 million followers more and more delighted to see her. Once again, the contributor to “Come the joy“It shows how well he knows how to take advantage of his beauty.

Look of the day. @eugeniascloset_ Shoes: @, it was read in the message that accompanied the postcard that the muse shared in her recent publication, which exceeded 100,000 likes.

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Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruíz received various comments where her followers were extremely satisfied to appreciate one of the most attractive women on television to whom they dedicated various emojis of hearts, kisses and comments among those who defined her as a “goddess”.

It would be three weeks ago that one of the members of the clan who will star in the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, Kylie Jenner wore a similar outfit, a two-piece set of black leather, a top that covered the top and where appropriate The model and businesswoman opted for trousers that fit her figure.

Frequently, she has distinguished herself as a model, promoting some brands through her official account where she shares with her fans part of her life, her work, on the broadcast of Tv Azteca as well as her way of enjoying good times always showing her best facet.

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The “former academic” takes special care when selecting each of the garments that she will wear since so far there is not one that has not passed the test for her loyal fans who are the first to give the go-ahead to the one also called “Grumpy princess.”

However, becoming the center of attention carries its dose of sacrifice and it has been the same celebrity who has confessed to being very demanding and disciplined in terms of the care she gives to her silhouette, the native of Monclova, Coahuila boasts of being a woman who is very constant in the challenges she undertakes.

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However, not everything is perfection and it has been the same 36-year-old star who has been sincere with her fans, in one of her past publications Cynthia Deyanira, revealed that like every woman she also has some small imperfections, this when addressing her devotion to During exercise, the influencer shared that she also deals with “cellulite” with this, she joins the figures who have revealed that they have certain physical defects, breaking with a false image of perfect bodies in the entertainment industry.

Throughout these years, since her departure from the La Academia reality show, Deyanira Rodríguez Ruíz has worked as an actress, dancer, youtuber and is currently one of the presenters of the morning of “La casa del Ajusco”.

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“Cyn”, as she likes to be called, has been a member of the cast of the broadcast for several years and in 2020 she made her debut in the seventh art in the comedy “El would have si existe”.


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