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Vanish Australia this month launches a challenge to Australians to #DareToRewear their clothes, with confidence, thanks to its new-look Vanish Napisan Gold Multi Power.

From the insight that more than 500 million kilos of unwanted clothing end up in landfill every year (equating to a 20 kilo suitcase per person!), Vanish has launched the #DareToRewear challenge to encourage Australians to rewear clothes instead of buying new, in a bid to help prevent textile waste.

The new look Vanish Napisan Gold Multi Power is a great product to help breathe new life into your clothes, being a gold-standard laundry booster that’s more than just a stain remover.

Four core benefits include removing stains even in cold water1, keeping colours looking great, removing odours in soaking2, and antibacterial soaking capabilities, helping your wardrobe favourites live many lives, through rewearing rather than ending up in landfill too soon.

As the cost of clothing decreases through high and fast-fashion outlets, many shoppers choose to consistently buy new and get that dopamine hit when clicking ‘Add To Cart’.

However, the long-term impact of impulse buying has seen the fashion industry become one of the highest polluters in the world3. In Australia alone, 6,000 kilograms of textiles are dumped in landfill every 10 minutes4.

To spotlight this important issue, Vanish has launched a challenge to Australians to #DareToRewear their clothes, with confidence. The challenge asks Aussies to rewear clothes they have in their closets, with the help of Vanish, instead of buying new, in a bid to help keep clothing in circulation for longer.

Celebrity baker, Katherine Sabbath, first-time dad, Cameron Merchant, and fashion designer, Yasmin Jay kick off the #DareToRewear challenge with Vanish via a series of TVCs and online spots in coming months, with each testing out the new-look Vanish Napisan Gold Multi Power on wardrobe favourites in their closet.

“I know I wasn’t alone in having items in the back of my closet that I was emotionally connected to and couldn’t bear to part with, despite them being stained or smelly. Thanks to Vanish Napisan Gold Multi Power and the #DareToRewear challenge, I now feel as though they – and I – have a new lease on life. Plus, it feels good to re-wear gorgeous dresses that I already have access to,” said Sabbath.

RB Hygiene ANZ Marketing Director, Saurabh Jain, said, “ss the market-leading brand in stain removal5, Vanish has the opportunity to change consumer behaviour to drive responsible consumption with the ambition of helping to reduce clothing waste from entering landfill each year, if only we dare to re-wear the items we already have in our closets.”

“Aussies can trust Vanish Napisan Gold Multi Power to remove stains and odours (in soaking2) while keeping the colours looking great, to give our existing clothes a new lease on life and help reduce the number of textile items entering landfill each year.”


1 Removes stains even in cold water In approximately 25°C

2 Removes odours in soaking on cotton

3 Clean Up, ‘Fast Fashion’

4 Australian Broadcast Corporation, ‘War On Waste’.

5 Best selling total Prewash (excluding bleach & sanitiser) brand in Australian Grocery (Nielsen MAT to 31/01/2021).


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