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Oral Roberts Basketball

Oral Roberts has been a great story so far in the NCAA Tournament, and their story is lasting longer than maybe they expected.

The Golden Eagles’ head coach Paul Mills joked after his team knocked off Florida 81-78 on Sunday that he was really excited for Monday. What about Monday excites him? The ability to do laundry, since he has no clean clothes left.

It sounds like Mills wasn’t planning on needing to be around for a second week of basketball. There are probably only a few people who thought Oral Roberts would be playing in the Sweet 16, as evidenced by the amount of brackets they busted.

Oral Roberts has made it to the second weekend of events. If they’re able to somehow extend things to a third week, they will be one of the best stories in NCAA Tournament history.

Also, some clothing brand needs to step up here and offer to send him some fresh apparel.

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