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A PRIMARY school has asked parents not to wear pyjamas or “revealing” outfits while on the school run.

A note sent out by Seymour Primary School in Crawley said that “wearing clothes that are too skimpy or for other times of day is not setting a good example”.

It is also claimed that some parents had previously turned up at the school gates wearing clothing that “looks like underwear”.

The note, marked as “Playground Etiquette” was seen by The Sun.

Heads of school Carol Collins and Emma Eardley have since said the wording of the note “could have been less prescriptive”.

They told The Sun: “In response to increasing numbers of parents wearing pyjamas and, at times revealing clothing that looked like underwear, the school issued a note asking parents to consider dressing more appropriately.

“Whilst well intended as guidance, the school acknowledges the wording could have been less prescriptive.”

Seymour Primary School’s most recent Ofsted report, carried out in December 2018, gave the school a Good rating.

All children at the school are expected to wear a uniform.

The school website states: “As well as being practical, uniform gives a sense of pride and commitment to the values of Seymour School.

“…Our aim at Seymour is simple – to provide the community with a highly successful and well regarded primary school which recognises the individual character and abilities of each child, is ambitious for them and enables them to be the best that they can be.”

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