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It was Jarod Kintz who wrote “This Book Is Not For Sale,” and in it he writes, “I guess I should be thankful. Full of thank. But what is thank? I can’t eat thank, so I know my stomach isn’t full of thank. I can’t smell or breathe thank, so I know my lungs aren’t full of thank. I’m not even sure how much thank I could fit in the trunk of my car. But I do know one thing. It’s much easier to give thanks than something that actually costs money to give.”

I am using this quote to give thanks to all the students who have put forth every effort to make this a great school year, since there are so many options for you. Some of you should be thankful for having a warm bed to sleep in, food to eat and clothes to wear. Even with those necessities, some of you have failed to show up for school and complete class assignments. I also know there are many of you who want to be in school but circumstances have hampered your attempts. You should still be thankful for what you have and what you are capable of getting without disobeying the law. Education can fix your situation.

I am thankful for the thousands of students who should be attending schools in San Bernardino and just as thankful for the wonderful, encouraging parents helping students pursue their dreams and enhance talents to be a successful citizen. I know that most of you are capable of being more productive and now is the time to put forth that confidence to boost your educational goals.

I want you to go to bed each night knowing you have done your best at school and have been respectful to each student and adult encountered.

I want you to wake up every morning with a smile, ready to pursue your dreams for another day.

I want you to make at least two people happy every day and, of course, one of them will be you.

I want you to obey the law and practice good behavior at all times so that we can close down the juvenile facilities and prisons and build more schools and colleges.

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