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We all know The Emperor’s New Clothes fable wherein charlatan cloth-weavers presented to the emperor raiment so fine, so weightless and ephemeral that he would not only scarcely feel it upon his skin but would be held in high esteem by his subjects for its splendor. Only a little boy dared pronounce the obvious: “The emperor has no clothes.”

Joe Biden’s titles must be expanded to “His Fraudulency, the Incapacitated Deceiver, Joe Biden,” or “Joe Biden, H.F.I.D.” His advisors and policy wonks have crafted out of whole cloth, by their own words, the most “transformational” changes to America ever attempted since F.D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal.” We’re talking about fundamental changes to concepts heretofore accepted by vast majorities: such as the existence of a border, and its enforcement as a boundary, the crossing of which is restricted to those with legal permission.

Biden signaled—even during his campaign—to the teeming masses in lesser countries the exact opposite of the original message of the Statue of Liberty: America is a beacon of freedom and liberty, a shining example meant to transform the world; not a message to flock to America but rather to make those nations into their own beacons of liberty.

Self-governance and inalienable individual rights granted not by other fallible human rulers, but “endowed by their Creator…Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”—it defies common sense to think that our Founders and Framers meant to welcome the entire world to our shores.

Biden’s (and the media/political class’s) preference is to ignore—and expect that we commoners follow suit—perverse changes resulting from no longer enforcing our southern border, and releasing criminal aliens and phony asylum-seekers with only promises to show up in court. 3,500 children in detention? Look away.

The “emperor’s” courtiers and sycophants see what doesn’t exist—order and safety as immigration policies and laws are abrogated—and praise the fatuous inspiration and wisdom of Joe Biden, H.F.I.D. See “The Sovietization of the American Press—The transformation from phony ‘objectivity’ to open one-party orthodoxy hasn’t been an improvement,” by Matt Taibbi. Did Biden’s Democrats follow the pattern under Soviet dictators: don’t be the first to stop clapping?

The same political/media class that obsessed over President Reagan’s every utterance and movement, trying to establish a pretext of mental decline, now collectively assure us that, with Biden, there’s “nothing to see here, move along.” So, are Biden’s falsehoods clever lies, dementia, or both?

Spectator deputy editor Dominic Green played the part of the boy in the fable, writing “President Biden is crumbling before our eyes,” (, 3/12). “Joe Biden’s decline has become so painful to see and so embarrassing to watch that it feels cruel to mention it. But it’s even more cruel that Biden’s team act as if it’s not happening, and most of America’s media look the other way.” We’re to accept a kindly septuagenarian’s “gaffes.”

These headlines may expand your range of source material beyond the reliably progressive “usual suspects”: “Joe Biden’s Inspiring Vision of Defeating COVID-19 Is Depressingly Bleak,” by Tyler O’Neil (, 3/11); “Joe Biden’s Stimulus Speech Was a Complete and Total Failure—President Biden demonstrated his and his party’s dependence upon the coronavirus pandemic for the achievement of office and their conduct in office,” by Conrad Black (, 3/12). Democrats politicize disasters.

“Biden and His Snark of the Union,” by Amanda Green (, 3/12) had this overview: Biden delivered no “State of the Union”-type speech; he took no questions (his staff hectors the press to “move along”). “No, he was there to present his own rather warped and irrational take on the events of the last year. As he did, it became abundantly clear POTUS has succumbed to one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome to date. Bear with me as we go through his speech and try to find some semblance of truth and reality.”

Ms. Green laid out a dozen examples of untruths, blame-casting, obfuscation and simply taking credit for what we now know is the success of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed: It delivered vaccines in less than a year—400 million doses under contract—that would have taken up to 5 years normally. Which is worse: Over-the-top lies about Trump’s record on the vaccines; or the patently false, refutable calls for “unity”?

Also, “One Year Later, Vindication for Lockdown Skeptics—The overwhelming majority of Americans last March acted in good faith to do what we were told was in the best interest of our country. That faith has been abused and squandered,” by Julie Kelly (, 3/11). It dovetails with the fact that mask-wearing only reduced the spread of Covid by about 2 percent (, CDC,, June 26,2020).

The headline, “The COVID Panic Porn Freaks Need to Be Shamed and Silenced,” by Stephen Kruiser (, 3/12) reflects how most of us have just about had it with the seemingly endless haranguing directed at (mostly) conservatives and Republican states not kowtowing to the wiser-than-thou health fanatics who won’t admit that their supposedly “scientific” mandates and protocols have been hypocritically, frequently reversed.

Joe Biden, H.F.I.D., will now travel the country touting his magnificent Covid relief bill, lying about the tiny slice (9 percent) addressing Wu-flu, and that it contains the largest expansion of entitlements in decades. Unity? Pish-posh—it shoves transgender baloney down America’s collective throat. It also prohibits states from cutting taxes (, 3/10). With the blessing of the news media—the compliant, propaganda arm of the Democrat Party—Biden will ignore the monstrous crisis on the southern border. It’s Biden’s exclusive responsibility.

Prepare for a massive backlash putting Republicans in charge of Congress in 2022; and a Trump or Trumpian Republican back in the White House in 2024.

Don Polson has called Red Bluff home since 1988. He can be reached by e-mail at

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