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HBO’s Sex and the City is arguably one of the most beloved shows of all time, with the quotes and characters from the series relating to so many women, both single and not. This show taught fans many lessons about the importance of self-love, friendships, and independence, with the protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, offering some (but not always) incredible advice to viewers.

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This character, while occasionally problematic, was always vulnerable and honest about the goings-on in her life. Carrie Bradshaw was a character with strong opinions and some of her quotes from the series demonstrate this and have remained relevant throughout the years, often flawlessly explaining this character and her personality.

10 “Maybe Our Girlfriends Are Our Soulmates And Guys Are Just People To Have Fun With.”

SATC - girls out at bar table

If Sex and the City taught viewers anything at all, it was that friendship is one of the most important parts of life.

While this series revolved around the leading ladies of the show finding love and dating in New York City, what was actually revealed was that the four best friends in the show were actually each other’s soulmates all along. This quote from Carrie is sweet and displays the strong connections she developed throughout the show.

9 “Don’t Forget To Fall In Love With Yourself First.”

SATC - Carrie in the street with pink tutu skirt and Dior shirt.

Although Sex and the City revolved around Carrie Bradshaw and her best friends dating and searching for love, it became clear over the course of the show that none of that was possible if they didn’t love themselves.

Carrie was always candid about her insecurities and self-esteem issues, but it proved true that she had to feel fully confident in herself in order to be in a happy, successful relationship. This quote perfectly sums up this sentiment.

8 “I Like My Money Where I Can See It – Hanging In My Closet.”

SATC's Carrie Bradshaw standing in her walk in closet looking at clothes

Arguably the most iconic part of Sex and the City was the wardrobe. Carrie Bradshaw was an haute couture expert, and her closet reflected this. This quote from Carrie is one that any fashion-lover can relate to. Although Carrie’s habit of shopping for expensive clothes did leave her in financial turmoil multiple times, she always looked fashionable and put together, creating amazing looks and outfits.

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Carrie might not have always been able to afford rent, but she was almost always wearing Manolo Blahniks and a designer bag, which she was more than happy about.

7 “They Say Nothing Lasts Forever – Dreams Change, Trends Come And Go, But Friendships Never Go Out Of Style.”

Carrie Bradshaw often had her priorities all mixed up. She was financially irresponsible on many occasions, had complicated romantic relationships, and a serious shopping addiction. However, one priority that always seemed to be sorted out, was the importance of the friendships in her life.

Of course, she had many riffs and arguments with each of her best friends, but she always realized the importance her friendships played in her life, and this quote proves shows this. Carrie taught every viewer how vital friendships are.

6 “It’s The Rule Of Life That Everything You Have Ever Wanted Comes The Second You Stop Looking For It.”

SATC - Big and Carrie in street in front of car hugging and looking beyond camera

This Carrie quote is one of her most relatable, as many can probably agree with it. This rang true for Carrie, whose best experiences and relationships almost came out of nowhere, like bumping into Mr.Big on the street at the beginning of season 1.

This quote describes the most meaningful moments Carrie had on the show, and how she often wasn’t even searching for them at all.

5 “Some Love Stories Aren’t Epic Novels- Some Are Short Stories, But That Doesn’t Make Them Any Less Filled With Love.”

Carrie moved her way through multiple relationships in the series and experienced some real heartbreak. Between getting left at the altar, her on-and-off relationship with Mr. Big, and her love story with Aidan, she learned a lot.

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This quote perfectly explains her relationship with Aidan. Just because their relationship, or any for that matter, didn’t last, doesn’t mean there was any less love in it.

4 “It’s Hard To Find People Who Will Love You No Matter What. I Was Lucky Enough To Find Three Of Them.”

SATC - Girls sitting close together and laughing

This quote was said by Carrie about her three best friends and is one of the most heartfelt lines from the series. She proved time and time again that her girlfriends were her true soulmates and that their love for one another was completely unconditional.

If there is anything to take away from this series, it is that friendship is one of the strongest forms of love, and Carrie lucked out with three people who always supported her.

3 “Beauty Is Fleeting, But A Rent-Controlled Apartment Overlooking The Park Is Forever.”

Carrie sitting on chair in her apartment in SATC

Carrie Bradshaw always put an emphasis on her appearance. She loved fashion, getting dressed up, and looking her best. She was almost always dressed to the nines and spent way too much money on clothes and shoes.

Although she cared deeply about self-expression, her love for style was never just about beauty or vanity. This comical quote from Carrie proves that although she valued her beauty, she definitely valued more than just looks.

2 “When Men Attempt Bold Gestures, Generally It’s Considered Romantic. When Women Do It, It’s Often Considered Desperate Or Psycho.”

Carrie touching Big's face in park in SATC

Sex and the City was revolutionary for its portrayal of the “modern woman” and what exactly that meant. The show, especially the main character, Carrie, was sure to point out injustices, women’s issues, and double standards when it came to dating.

This quote from Ms. Bradshaw sheds light on the differences in how men and women can be perceived, especially in romantic situations. Carrie was always blunt and made it a habit of calling men out on their unacceptable behavior, with this incredible quote being one of those times.

1 “I’ve Spent $40,000 On Shoes And I Have No Place To Live? I Will Literally Be The Old Woman Who Lived In Her Shoes!”

Carrie holding Manolo Blahnik bag in SATC

When Carrie didn’t get approved for a loan, she talked to her financially responsible best friend, Miranda, about her shortcomings. In their conversation, she admitted she wasn’t sure where all of her money went, and Miranda pointed out her dangerous shopping habit.

In this conversation, Carrie came to the realization that she had spent over $40,000 on shoes, and this quote became one of the most legendary of the series, perfectly explaining the character and her flaws.

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