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For many of us, doing laundry is a dreaded, time-consuming chore, but now there’s another, easy way to clean your clothes. Laundry delivery services will pick up your clothing, wash and organize items, and deliver them back to your doorstep neat and folded within a few days. A number of laundry service providers are also incorporating eco-friendly practices into the cleaning process by utilizes the latest green technologies and non-toxic cleaners.

With a quick online subscription or push of a button on a phone app, you can reclaim some free time. No more tracking down quarters, hauling laundry down city blocks to the laundromat, or waiting for clothes to dry when you could be enjoying your weekend off. After researching the options available, here are the best laundry delivery services.

Final Verdict

Choosing a laundry delivery service really depends on your location, budget, and the type of items you want cleaned. If you live in a smaller city, check out Tide Cleaners, our top overall pick for its vast network and history as a leader in laundry. If you need a quick turnaround time, consider HamperApp, another rapidly growing service, and for flexible delivery times, Press is a great option.

What Items Can Be Cleaned?

Clothing and bedding can be washed and folded, or in some cases, dry cleaned only (varying rates may apply). Other items like costumes, sofa covers, or other large items may not be included in the standard service. Inquire with the cleaning service directly about special items. 

What if I Have Allergies?

Fragrance-free soaps are usually available; however, check with the specific location and inform them of your needs.

How Fast Can I Get My Laundry Delivered?

On average, laundry is returned within 48 hours, with several services offering a 24-hour turnaround or even same-day delivery (often with an extra charge). 

Should I Choose a Subscription or Pay as I Go?

Subscriptions are definitely the more affordable option, but we’d suggest trying the service out first to see if you like it, and to get a sense of how frequently and what size load of laundry you’ll need to sign up for. If you’re traveling a lot or have an unusual schedule, it’s better to pay as you go.

How We Chose the Best Laundry Services

When selecting the best laundry delivery services, we considered best environmental practices, the company’s ethos and philanthropy efforts, and other community initiatives. Lapels, in particular, was a standout for using the latest green technology. 

The majority of the operators we chose have a presence in numerous regions or those that are rapidly expanding. Some services, like Tide Cleaners, have proven track records in the clothing-cleaning market, while some newcomers, like ByNext, are thinking outside the box with a wide range of services. 

In choosing out selections, we also considered customer reviews, pricing, speed, and ease of ordering. Companies like HamperApp and Rinse have streamlined the ordering process to make it easy and user-friendly, and Press earned high marks for its flexibile delivery times.

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