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’Tis the season for spring cleaning! Clean out your farm truck and prepare it for the busy season ahead with these tips and products.

Step 1: Take everything out.

The receipts you’ve been filing on the dash and spare change in the cupholder need to go… those empty pop bottles, too. Throw out trash, separate any recycling, and make a pile of items to return to the vehicle once you’re done cleaning. Pull out floor mats and any seat or steering wheel covers you have. Return any tools that don’t stay in the truck back to their proper place. This is a good time to take extra clothes, jackets, and bibs in for a wash, too.

Step 2: Tackle dust and dirt.

Working from top to bottom, front to back, wipe down surfaces with a rag and your multipurpose cleaner of choice. If your cupholders are especially grimy, try putting an old sock over the bottom of a cup, spray it with cleaner, stick it in the cup holder and twist. Cotton swabs are another option for detailing cubbies around the dash.

A shop vac is a great choice for sucking up any crumbs, dirt, or other debris from seats and the floor. Many come with a crevice tool that’s perfect for reaching under the seat and other tight places. Don’t forget to suck out door pockets and the glove box. The center console shouldn’t be overlooked, either.

Leather seat wipes or fabric cleaner will help refresh seats. If you’re going for a deep clean, rent a carpet extractor from your local home improvement or grocery store.

Finally, clean your windows with glass cleaner. After the dirt is gone, you can apply an anti-fog product to keep windows and mirrors clear. Rain-X offers a liquid option that’s available at ACE Hardware and other similar stores.

Step 3: Protect your cleaning job.

You’ve put all this work into cleaning your ride – now help yourself keep it that way.

Steering wheel covers and floor mats will trap dirt and debris for easy removal. Think about choosing a material that can be easily wiped down or hosed off. WeatherTech offers floor mats sculpted for your specific vehicle that are engineered to tolerate extreme conditions.

Cup holder inserts are another option that will make your next truck cleaning easier. There are several inexpensive options, and many designs sport your favorite machinery brand or saying.

If your farm dog likes to ride shotgun, or you’re often transporting greasy items in your cab, seat covers could be a good investment. Both Duluth Trading Company and Carhartt offer several highly rated options.

Step 4: Get organized.

When it’s finally time to return the items you use frequently to the truck, do it in an organized way.

An accordion folder could be a great option for your receipts. If you’re someone who takes paper notes of mileage or livestock records from your truck, a storage clipboard may be worth considering. For the farmer who really needs an office on the road, Duluth Trading Company offers the ultimate mobile desk.

If you have a habit of eating or drinking in the truck, a bucket for trash might work well. Recycle an old grocery sack as a liner to keep clean-out simple. Take your trash bucket to the next level with an organizer wrap for small tools or other items you want to keep handy. Milwaukee sells one option for under $30 at many home improvement retailers.

A pen holder from Duluth Trading Company is a great way to keep them handy without cluttering up cupholders or the center console.Return your freshly laundered clothes to a designated spot in the truck. A spare coat, sweatshirt, hat, and gloves will help you be prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings. A designated laundry basket or tote will keep these items together. If you need to keep clothes wrinkle-free, a hanger bar might be a good idea.

Du-Ha under seat storage in a truck

Photo credit: May Wes

When it comes to tools, there are so many ways to keep them organized. If you’re often switching tools between vehicles, or want the freedom to take them even closer to your working site, the portable DU-HA storage and gun case from May Wes might be just what you’re looking for. The company’s new underseat storage devices made specifically for major truck makes and models can help you efficiently use otherwise dead space.

Keep your clean truck smelling clean with a new air freshener. If show stock is your thing, you may enjoy Sullivan Supply’s air fresheners that smell just like Final Bloom, Volumizer, or Show Glo. Dirt Road Candle Co. sells ag themed Car Freshies. Refill kits are available are available in the online store as well.

Step 5: Think of your future self.

Busy days are ahead with long hours away from home and plenty of windshield time. Be prepared so you’re as comfortable as possible.

In addition to a seat cover, a seat cushion can make long drives more bearable.

A farmer hands a white YETI Silo water cooler to a fellow farmer

Photo credit: YETI

A premium cooler might be a good option if you plan to eat or drink from the field. YETI offers both hard- and soft-sided coolers that promise to keep contents hot or cold for hours. The company offers a water cooler that holds up to 6 gallons of liquid to help you stay hydrated, too.

Be prepared for any breakdowns with jumper cables, an air compressor, a flashlight, and tow chain. Keep these items in a storage tote or duffle bag so they’re easy to find in an emergency.

Finally, don’t forget accessories for your electronics. Charging stations that stay in your vehicle are the best way to be sure you aren’t caught without one. Dash or cupholder phone mounts will help you drive hands-free safely.

Step 6: Enjoy.

Enjoy your clean vehicle and drive safely!

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