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Whether you’ve spent lockdown in PJs or sequins, the sartorial path ahead is an interesting one. Will “normal” life ever go back to the way it was? And do we even want it to?

That question’s worth savouring because the coming months present us with a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to change what we do and how we dress in ways both big and small.

Maybe you’re chomping to get back into heels and Spanx. Or perhaps, like me, you periodically approach your shoe-drobe of heels and pointed toes as if it were mysterious meteorite fragments in The Science Museum. What strange relics are these?

Ten months on, most of us have probably drawn up our own red-lines about what we won’t want to wear. If you haven’t been checking in regularly with what’s available online, it’s hard to know where to start with what we do want. Perhaps you’re looking for one or two pieces to reboot your style. Or maybe you want an entire wardrobe overhaul to go with your overhauled new life. Any or all of these 12 items should go a long way to help you switch things up and they’re all eminently adaptable to most situations, give or take some extra jewellery or a belt here and there. In the meantime, let’s promise ourselves not to get sucked back into wearing clothes that are uncomfortable, un-cheering and unflattering.

Best Spring wardrobe updates

The Chore Jacket

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