What 38 Designers, Photographers, and Other Insiders Missed Most About Paris Fashion Week Leave a comment

I miss emotions that can only be produced with a physical celebration! Fashion show, parties; jumping on someone before a show; emotions of a designer and his or her team backstage; the curiosity of an audience discovering what they are going to witness a few seconds later.—Saskia Lawaks, photographer

The interaction between the models and the audience; that very moment that can be unique and memorable. It is very much like the difference between theater and cinema—the ephemeral dimension doesn’t exist in the cinema, or in this case, the video.—Nathalie Ours, PR Consulting

Acielle’s street-style subject exchanging with her post-Hermès show; Photo: Acielle / Style du Monde 

What I miss most is physical exchange. For me Fashion Week is more than just clothes. It’s the entire atmosphere that makes it so special.—Acielle, photographer

I miss being in my studio and receiving my people: buyers, journalists, friends—and then the parties altogether.—Rabih Kayrouz, designer

The fun, the energy, the rush, the excitement—just everything!—Mira Mikati, designer

I miss the parties, of course.—Honey Dijon, DJ

The adrenaline that hits you when the girls are lining up to go out on the runway and here you are, adjusting the earrings, the buckle, trying to tuck in her blouse properly—I miss this. But most probably a digital presentation is better for my health.—Andrew Gn, designer

Feeling people filling the rooms.—Delphine Courteille, hairstylist

My ‘fashion week friends’ who I usually only see during the shows as they mostly live abroad. We could very seriously discuss a show, a color, the casting or a hemline between two events; do some re-sees or have lunch together. It’s like when you were a kid and had a best friend you’d only see in the summer and shared one specific passion with. I miss them and those moments.—Azza Yousif, stylist and fashion director GQ France

The day before: all the thoughts of seeing and talking to people, wondering what they are going to think. I’m a huge mess, but I love it.—Kevin Germanier, designer

I miss a quick snack of delicious Carette canapés between two shows—and I miss the clapping at the end of a show.—Pascal Morand, executive president of the Fédération Française de la Haute Couture et de la Mode

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