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Clothing must be stylish and practical in the new Stone Age, but the outfits in Dr. Stone also feel authentic and meaningful.

Human civilization is long gone in the world of Dr. Stone, taking with it all books and movies, technology, medicine, and the old religions, fashion, art and far more. Senku Ishigami awoke to a world dominated by nature and a primitive tribe, but even in this strange future, clothing and personal accessorizing mean a lot.

Around here, clothing isn’t just stylish. It also has to be practical to protect the wearer from the many hazards of nature, from biting winter winds to poisonous leaves and vines to sharp rocks underfoot. The people of Ishigami Village know how to dress for this perilous life, and the villainous Tsukasa has his own sense of stone-age fashion, as does Senku himself.

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General Trends In Stone Age Fashion

Many individual characters in Dr. Stone have their own sense of style, but there can only be so much variance in a primitive world devoid of tailor shops and department stores. Around here, solid-color fabric, white ropes, leather straps and stone sandals largely define stone-age fashion, with most of the Ishigami villagers having the same general look. Fabric ranges from a muted green tone to light violet and, most commonly, several different hues of blue. These cool colors make the villagers stand out from the greenery of the forest. That would be an issue in the face of a rival tribe, but for centuries the villagers had no neighbors. These outfits are rounded out with thick white ropes that can be anything from belts to chokers, such as Ruri’s, or a hair tie like Kohaku’s. It may be noted, though, that Kohaku has a more conventional choker around her neck, rather than the rope version her sister Ruri has.

As for footwear, the villagers wear tall sandals that add about two inches to their height, and they have clearly adopted their own walking and running technique to maintain their balance and coordination — especially since the soles get narrower near the bottom. This can protect the wearer’s feet from biting and stinging insects on the ground, and prevent harmful species such as hookworms from burrowing into the soles of their feet. However, none of the revived people wear these sandals or rope belts, even though the villagers could make more for them. The sandals would be awkward to wear without practice, and Senku isn’t in the mood to keep tripping on himself. He has his own fashion in mind.

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The Unique Outfits & Accessories of Dr. Stone

Senku was already decked out in a fancy outfit by the time Taiju woke, including a collared, short-sleeved coat and pants. Instead of stone sandals, Senku wears leather shoes that completely cover his feet. He’s not a terribly agile or athletic person, so he doesn’t need the hard platforms of those stone sandals. Instead, he wants to protect his skin as much as possible. He also wrote Einstein’s famous E = mc2 on his coat to help harden his resolve, like a talisman. In this age, Senku can make anything from gunpowder to metal goods to paper itself, but he needs the right outfit to keep himself safe and warm during that time. Physically, he’s one of the most vulnerable characters.

Tsukasa, Senku’s main rival, has a red outfit that includes the pelt of a lion that he slew when he was first revived. Tsukasa was a hero at first, a brawny fighter who saved Senku’s and Taiju’s life from predators, and he wore the lion’s pelt like a stone-age Hercules. Ironically he is now the villain, wielding his strength to tear down Senku’s world rather than defend it. This puts an exciting twist on Tsukasa’s “strong hero” mold.

Tsukasa’s minions, such as the sharp-eared archer Ukyo and the ultra-acrobatic Homura, have their own sense of fashion. Tsukasa’s empire is an individualistic place, and the strongest characters wear that fact on their literal sleeves. Ukyo stands out with his yellow outfit, including a hat with a brim. This echoes his old life as a submarine sonar tech. His clothes are light and practical, essential traits for a mobile archer. Homura’s pink outfit matches her hair, and her tall leather boots are a visual standout in Dr. Stone.

All this vaguely alludes to her previous life as an acrobat who wore pink leotards at gymnastics events. Tsukasa’s former ally Nikki wore similar shades of green as the Ishigami villagers, but with a fairly low-cut top and leather straps and fur lining to symbolize her Empire of Might origins, contrasting with the white ropes that Ishigami villagers prefer. She also wears her hair braided, a hairstyle not often seen among the villagers.

Most of the revived characters in Dr. Stone have more unique outfits, since they are all major characters and thus need to stand out visually, and this helps them feel slightly “alien” when compared to the Ishigami villagers. The villagers are all united in their tribe, with their similar outfits acting as a uniform and a convenient way to show that they are one people. The revived characters, from Senku to the crafty Gen to Tsukasa, are lost in a strange new world, and their unique outfits reflect the fact that fashion was more diverse in their own era.

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