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If you are on a weight loss journey and consulting a nutritionist or gym trainer to reach your body goal, then they must have asked you to keep a track of your weight. Most of us are clueless when to weigh ourselves. To accurately monitor your weight, it is important to be consistent. Also Read – Regular Exercise Keep Type 2 Diabetes at Bay

If you see your scale going up and down often by 0.5-1 kilo to up to 3 kilos, here is what you are doing wrong. If you have gained 0.5 kg to 2 kgs in a day, then chances are you probably weighed yourself moments after eating a meal, did not poop, eating too much salt which leads to water retention and results in weight gain, you are on your periods, using a different scale or wearing too many clothes. Also Read – Death From Coronavirus: Why Overweight Adults Are At Higher Risk

A slight increase in the weight is probably because of the above-mentioned reasons. But when exactly you should weigh yourself? Also Read – Superstitions of Knife: Why Some People Place Knife Under Pillow to Get Rid of Scary Dreams

Best Time To Weigh Yourself

It is advisable that one should weigh themselves is in the morning right after you empty your bladder. Do not consume water before weighing yourself. Try to wear minimal clothes and use the same scale. As per Healthline, morning is typically the end of the longest period of your day in which you have not consumed food or participated in strenuous exercise.

To weigh yourself accurately you should put your scale on a hard, flat, level surface. Weigh yourself after using the restroom and stand still and distribute your weight on both feet.

As per Healthline, the most consistent and easiest approach to weigh is getting on the scale naked. If not, you should be consistent with your clothing. The scale will measure the food and liquids you’ve consumed recently.

So, what are the takeaways? 

The best time to weigh yourself is before you have eaten or exercised, be consistent with your clothes. You should weigh yourself after you empty your bladder. Wear minimal clothes or get on the scale naked.

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