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Patric Richardson, also known as the “Laundry Evangelist,” will be making a splash on Discovery+ with the upcoming series The Laundry Guy. Set to debut later this month, the show will follow Richardson as he revives his clients’ treasured garments and restores them back as if they’re brand new, passing on his own tips and tricks along the way.

Richardson has gained national attention for his spick-and-span talent of impeccable garment care. The owner of Mall of America’s Mona Williams is known for his sold-out “laundry camps.” His love of clothes dates back to the eighth grade when he was declared “best dressed,” leading him through a career across Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and eventually Mona Williams and the publishing of his book, Laundry Love.

“Clean clothes are a privilege,” Richardson said in a press release. “While the methods have changed, some things never will. We wear our lives’ stories—from first dates to wedding days to bundles of baby joy. When it comes to stains and the stories behind them, everything comes out in the wash.”

Richardson’s philosophy of clothes dates back to his grandmother, who taught him that “laundry is all about love.” He breathes new life into a 1930s child’s coat and hat, spruces up a decades old three piece denim suit, and lends his own knowledge on how to keep them looking clean in the future. Hot water and vodka are a few of his words of wisdom, with more to come throughout the show.

“I always say you do laundry for the people you love,” he says. “Laundry is a kind of love language. It’s a privilege that I get to wash these things for my clients.”

The Laundry Guy will be available to stream via Discovery+ and its first episode will also air on HGTV on March 31.

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