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Quite a few idioms warn you to watch out for suspiciously good deals. Anyone can make a website and call it an online store. While there are plenty of reputable sites, many scam stores take your money and send you completely different items (if anything at all).

One of the biggest giveaways of these fake sites is suspiciously low prices and a shop name you’ve never seen in a mall or shopping plaza. Shein is one such online shop that can sometimes seem too good to be true. But is it legitimate? Can you trust it, despite it having such cheap prices?

What Is Shein?

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Have you ever talked about needing a new jacket or heels when the perfect ad suddenly appeared on your screen? You’ve probably encountered an advertisement from Shein, the company that found its fortune through online campaigns.

Many people find out about Shein through Facebook or Instagram posts. They show off stylish clothes or trendy duvet covers for ridiculously low prices. There are even times where specific products are nearly identical to name brand items at a tenth of the price!

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Shein is mainly a digital retailer—although the company has found success launching a select few physical locations. Most of these stores are just pop-ups in bigger cities, so if you want to experience all that Shein has to offer, you’ll probably have to check out their website.

Is Shein a Scam?

Chris Xu launched the Shein website back in 2008, offering e-commerce services across the globe.

Shein is a legit company that sends out the products they promise to customers in over 200 countries. While it is a “legit” company that doesn’t scam you with fake promises, its low costs ironically come at a price.

Why Is Shein So Cheap?

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Shein can keep its prices so low because it’s based in China (which we’ll come back to soon). Understand that you should not expect the best quality from Shein’s products. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

While the product sent to you generally looks like the item you ordered, some users report disappointment from time to time. That’s the risk you take when you knowingly buy these cheap articles.

We don’t want to set you up for disappointment, though. Tons of customers are happy with the quality. The problem is that its products aren’t consistent. The site offers hundreds of different styles. These are not being made by the same people and often vary a lot in several dimensions.

Sometimes, you end up with a cardigan you love that lasts years without damage. In the same order, you may end up with a dress that tears after a single wash. It’s not just the quality that is different either. Inconsistent sizes are another big complaint customers have.

The clothing comes from Asia, and the measurements are not always the same as in western sizing procedures. Someone who fits in an Extra Small in the United States might have to squeeze into a Large from Shein.

Keep in mind that Shein does have sizing charts available on its site, and you should check them every time you buy something.

Regardless of these minor issues, many users return to the shop whenever they want to try out fashion trends and don’t need top quality. It’s great for people who like to shop on a budget or want to try out new styles without paying a fortune from name brands.

Is Shein Ethical?

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The quality of Shein’s products is not the only thing users are concerned with. There’s a reason products in China cost so much less than items produced in the West. The labor laws in China are much laxer than in America or Canada. It’s easy for a company to exploit its workers.

Because they can legally pay their workers so little and force them to work long hours without breaks, their end product is cheaper.

Keep in mind that this is true of many companies, and we’re not signalling out Shein particularly—indeed the site stresses that it continually works to look after the health of well-being of its workers.

Many large businesses import products from eastern companies simply because it is so inexpensive that they can keep their prices down (and their profits up).

If you want to prioritize ethical fashion, Shein is not the store for you. There are tons of ethical alternatives to popular businesses that are worth checking out.

Is Shein Reliable and Safe?

Shein has been successfully trading for many years across the world. The website is not some phishing scam looking to steal your credit card information.

The problem with a Shein transaction is that you risk disappointment rather than your personal information.

Is Shein Safe To Order From?

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Shein is a trustworthy site, as genuine as Amazon, eBay, and the like. But with such low RRPs, it’s understandable if you’re unsure about its reliability.

When browsing sites which offer lower quality items at discount prices, there are some tips to consider that prevent you from disappointment.

Check Sizing Charts

Sizes are not consistent. Be sure to check the sizes of everything before you buy as the articles are sized differently.

Avoid Everyday Basics

Shein is a great place to find experimental pieces to try out. But don’t buy pieces you’ll wear every day. Its clothes are generally not made to last.

Read All Reviews

Customer reviews offer honest feedback you should take into consideration. Don’t just look at the five-star ones though: these can be faked, so look at the wider picture.

Read Item Descriptions

Read the item descriptions thoroughly, so you have an idea of what to expect.

And before you add to basket, note the return policies and shipping times of a particular item.

Is Shein a Good Website?

If you are looking for cheap clothing, Shein is a great place to turn to if you aren’t so concerned about quality.

Shein is a safe enough place to shop, but try not to forget about sustainable alternatives that ethically source their products.

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