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Back in the day, it seemed like Disney Channel characters had everything — secret music careers, magical powers, a hotel suite to call home.

One thing no Disney Channel character had, however, was an actual sense of style.

Some of the outfits, however, were on a whole different level of bad. So, without further ado, here are 23 outfits I still can’t believe we let Disney Channel get away with.


Raven Baxter’s Lightning McQueen pants

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

She took the saying “liar liar, pants on fire” a little too seriously. The shirt wouldn’t be so bad without the rhinestones.


London Tipton’s ballgown from Spirit Halloween

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

On this episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, London was LITERALLY going to meet her true love at the masquerade ball, and this was the best they could do for her? She was going for princess dress but somehow landed on cheap witch costume.


Sonny Munroe’s vest corset

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

This outfit looks like a pirate put it together at Limited Too. Why are there so many layers? Why the heart chain? Why do this to Demi?


Hannah Montana’s tiger striped fashion fiasco

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

This is from the beginning of what I call her “clown phase,” where Miley dressed normally but Hannah made all her clothes out of repurposed circus tents. She had this shirt in pink, too. I’m not even going to comment on the giant belt.


Alex Russo’s Hot Topic tea party dress

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

The black leggings under a skirt, fishnet arm warmers, black Converse, and pin straight hair SCREAM, “I was emo in middle school.” Honestly, though, I totally would’ve pinned this outfit to my “Style Goals” Pinterest board in sixth grade.


Teddy Duncan’s layers and leopard print combo

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

The only logical reason I can think of for putting Bridgit Mendler in this outfit is that she kept getting lost on set, and they needed an easy way to spot her. The neon color combination is giving me a headache.


Sonny Munroe’s Goth cupcake ensemble

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

Again, it looks like all of Sonny’s clothes were purchased from the clearance section at Limited Too. If they had to give her a cropped sequin cardigan, they could’ve at least buttoned it properly.


Gordo’s two-toned shirt and paisley fedora

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

In this scene from Lizzie McGuire, Lizzie and Miranda are pointing out everything about Gordo they find annoying, but somehow, they missed this hat. Like, did they make a secret pact to not clown the straw fedora he bought on a cruise?


Tawni Hart’s psychedelic second-grade teacher outfit

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

I feel like this outfit could be semi-cute if it stuck to one color. The matching apple necklace and earrings could be cute, too, in a more educational setting.


Raven Baxter’s country get-up

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

The hair ribbons and the western shirt are sort of understandable, but I absolutely draw the line at cow-print chaps.


Joe Jonas’s Tenth Doctor cosplay

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

In this scene from Jonas LA, he’s supposed to be on a movie set, but he looks like he’s on his way to Comic Con. Don’t get me wrong, I loved David Tennant on Doctor Who, but the British time-traveling alien look doesn’t really suit a rockstar.


Lizzie McGuire’s patchwork top

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

Maybe she ran out of clean laundry, but she had a bunch of fabric scraps and a sewing machine handy. She wore this to campaign for student body president, so at least it made her stand out.


Jake Ryan’s zombie slayer outfit

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

It was supposed to be cool, but in 2021, he just looks like a really big Black Widow stan.


Alex Russo’s ombre striped shirt and coordinating beanie

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

I think the stylists saw two purple striped pieces of clothing and decided that was good enough. The slouchy beanie, though — I totally had a similar one from Selena’s Dream Out Loud collection at Kmart.


Hannah Montana’s coat of many colors


Cece Jones’ British boy band-inspired fit

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

It’s the acid wash capris for me. Maybe it would be better without the “fall in love” top, but the first rule of Disney Channel fashion has always been “more layers.”


Justin Russo’s hippy “bad boy” alter ego

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

It’s giving me “wannabe Ozzy Osbourne at Woodstock” vibes. I can’t with the goatee. The dream catcher necklace makes it 10,000 times worse, too.


Rocky Blue’s shoulder bow

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

She definitely has an Eiffel Tower poster in her room. Zendaya deserved better.


Maddie Fitzpatrick’s Sharpay-inspired turtleneck

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

This shirt is having a bigger identity crisis than Maddie did when she wasn’t cast as Sharpay. Is it a tunic top? A fancy blouse? A turtleneck? Also, I can’t get over the fruit charms on her necklace. I wonder if she borrowed it from Tawni.


Kevin Jonas’s striped cardigan

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

It seems no one was safe from the “add more layers” rule. It would be better without the Ronald McDonald-red t-shirt underneath.


Teddy Duncan’s sherpa vest and bell sleeves

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

I’m guessing she was cold, but not too cold. She just needed an extra layer, and they couldn’t fit a sparkly cardigan over those voluminous sleeves.


Alex Russo’s funky hat

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

For someone who wrote a whole song about bad hats, Alex sure had a lot of them.


And finally, Lizzie McGuire’s “What Dreams Are Made Of” ballgown that tore away into low-rise pants

Disney / Via disneyplus.com

This is controversial, I know, but while iconic, this outfit has TOO MUCH going on. Really, it’s the cutout panel instead of committing to a crop top for me.

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