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Fashion really doesn’t come off as a main focus on the One Piece series, but it kind of is. A lot of the characters appear in all kinds of stylish, innovative outfits and costumes, whether they are in disguise for some reason or other, attending an important event, or just want to wear something nice for the sake of it. It’s gotten to the point where One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda even once teamed up with Gucci.

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There are characters who don’t really put much emphasis on what they wear but still come off carrying themselves well and appearing in decent outfits. And then there are the characters who do care how they dress and make an event out of making everyone else know that.

10 Marine Luffy Is Almost Perfect, He Just Needs To Accessorize

Marine Luffy

Luffy might not be the most focused on fashion and, often when he does clean up nicely, it’s probably because his friends lent a helping hand. However, there are plenty of times he’s been seen in decent outfits.

When infiltrating the Marines during the Marine Rookies arc, Luffy can once be seen wearing a Marine coat. Underneath, he wears his trademark outfit, with a red jacket, yellow sash, and blue pants, offering a kind of good study in contrast that oddly suits him.

9 Wake Up Franky Uses A Blue That Matches His Hair

Wake Up Franky

Appearances go hand in hand with Franky. He is a character who even manages to make his hair into almost anything, from a whale to a hammer.

Generally, when it comes to clothes, he usually likes to show off a lot of skin, but he has had some interesting outfits. One of his more flattering outfits is the collared blue-green jacket he wears in the “Wake Up” opening, which he pairs with a black bandana. It strangely even works well with his lack of pants.

8 Gold Crown Brook Is Stylish Despite His Height

Gold Film Brook

Brook might be a festering corpse, but style is eternal. After all, this is the guy who couldn’t lose his afro to death itself. Most of his outfits reflect a 70’s aesthetic. One look at him and casual viewers might find themselves breaking out into a chorus of “Crocodile Rock.” Admittedly, his clothes can come off as a bit dated, but when it comes to historical fashion, it’s best to go all in or go home.

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The film One Piece Film: Gold really showcases how well Brook carries himself, showing him in at least seven different outfits. One of his most iconic outfits has him don a gold crown upon his afro. After all, where it comes to headwear, go all the way or go home. Unfortunately, he’s so tall the crown is only fully visible in only a few shots while he’s wearing it.

7 Akainu’s White Suit Goes With The Hat And The Red Goes With The Shirt

Also known as Sakazuki, Akainu is a character that proves you have to be you when choosing your style. He combines a lot of random looks, yet it oddly suits him.

He tends to combine a Marine cap, a Hawaiian shirt, a pinned rose, gloves, and a double-breasted suit, which changes from white to red depending on what version of the series he appears in.

6 Arabasta Arc Ace Just Doesn’t Do Shirts

Ace With Jacket and Scarf

It might be surprising seeing Ace on a “Best Dressed” list considering he’s best known for not even wearing a shirt, but he was able to pull off a decent outfit during the Arabasta arc.

He can be seen wearing a black jacket, decorated with red flames at the sleeve, a cunning white scarf, and a skeleton necklace. And keeping his trademark, he’s still not wearing a shirt. After all, you don’t mess up a classic look.

5 Wano Country Zoro Knows That The Best Accessory Is A Sword

Anime One Piece Roronoa Zoro Sword Mouth

Zoro has been seen in plenty of stylish outfits, like the ones he wears during the Drum Island arc and the Arabasta arc. As he is best known for sword fighting, it makes sense that he would don the clothing of a traditional swordsman.

Zoro isn’t exactly a samurai, but he has been mistaken for one, and it makes sense since his second outfit worn in Wano Country certainly gives the impression of one.  Not only is it stylish, it also practically keeps Zoro in his element.

4 Loguetown Nami Knows There’s Always Time For A Shopping Spree

Loguetown Nami

Nami has seen a variety of outfits throughout the franchise, from skirts, shorts, and dresses. She can even be seen wearing a wedding gown. But one of her outfits that flatters her while being rather fashionable only appeared during a brief montage.

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While shopping at Loguetown, one of her first outfits is a coat with an elegant fur trim, a top resembling a bodice, and a fur-trimmed skirt. Combining elegance with a sense of adventure, it suits Nami and combines her various looks in one. Her next outfit in the montage, a red dress with a slit at the legs, is also quite charming, but the effect is ruined by being paired with a garish mink boa, complete with a head. That said, she turns down both looks for something more casual.

3 Casino Dress Robin Is Just Shy Of Perfect (It Just Needs A Matching Cowboy Hat)

One Piece Gold Robin

Robin has a lot of fashionable outfits she appears in throughout the series. Two recurring aspects of her looks are wearing purple in some fashion and donning a cowboy hat, which was especially common during her early appearances.

One of her most stylish looks is arguably one of her most simplistic: her second outfit in One Piece Film: Gold is a short white dress, paired with white heels and a large blue feather boa, as well as yellow sunglasses. Her hair is also stylized in an updo, ultimately helping the outfit look like it has a bit of 60’s and 70’s influence.

2 Dracule Mihawk Bares His Chest Even With A Shirt On

Dracule is one of those characters who doesn’t need to have a special dressing montage or a scene where he cleans up nicely: his regular outfit already makes an impression, with a few variations here and there.

Taking a lot of Spanish influence, he dons a dark red and black aesthetic seen in his cape-like jacket and hat, the last of which is also decorated with feathers. While he has been known to wear a white shirt at times, albeit one that usually shows off his chest, he more famously goes shirtless with his jacket, much like Ace. He’s also famous for his crucifix pendant. He also usually pairs pale, jean-like pants with long boots.

1 Tea Party Sanji Is A Man Who Has To Look Nice On His Wedding Day

Wedding Sanji

Fans often consider Sanji to be the most fashionable character of the One Piece franchise. His regular suits alone could have filled an entire list. He can make a cowboy costume with a feather boa or a big red cape look like the height of fashion.

The white outfit he wears at Charlotte Linlin’s Tea Party, a white ensemble with a long, white jacket, shows even he can clean up nicely when he already looks good. Of course, there’s a reason for him to look his best: the event included his wedding to Charlotte’s daughter Pudding. Considering the whole thing was secretly an assassination attempt, he deserves extra credit for showing up in a nice suit.

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