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Presidents Day isn’t genuinely a holiday about mattresses. Though, memories of grainy local commercials around the holiday might make you think it is. 

If you have that weird association, it didn’t just pop out of the ether. There are a ton of mattress sales on Presidents Day. Mattresses, however, are not the only thing discounted on this mid-February long weekend. You will find sales on furniture, home goods, and just about anything else that you’re looking to purchase. Knowing sales are taking place is fine, but you have better things to do with that precious time off work than to sift through spam emails and check the homepage of every store you can think of. So, we’ve taken care of the boring bit.

Here are the best sales you’re going to find on Presidents Day. 

More Deals?

If you know of any Presidents Day sales we missed, shoot us an email to and we’ll add ’em here. 

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