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After four years of captivating audiences and welcoming a new generation into the teen romantic comedy genre, the To All The Boys franchise has come to a close. It’s no surprise that fans flocked to Netflix on release day ready to find out how Lara Jean and Peter’s on-screen story would end.

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While fans of the book series might have known what to expect, one thing To All The Boys: Always and Forever did that the book series could not do was show off Lara Jean’s immaculate fashion style. Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship might have hit another roadblock but when it came to Lara Jean’s clothes, she was more stylish than ever before.

10 Cozy Tie-Dye Sweater

Lara Jean in Cozy Tie-Dye Sweater

Lara Jean has a unique fashion sense that comes through in whatever she wears. That trademark Lara Jean style comes out even when she plans to lounge around the house. Alone in her room, she manages to look stylish.

Fans can’t get enough of Lara Jean’s cozy pink and blue sweater which definitely fits with her blue/pink color palette. What fans love most about this look is that Lara Jean is totally comfortable going out in this cozy look which is what happens when Peter surprises her with his Say Anything inspired romantic gesture.

9 Purple Dress

Lara Jean in Purple Dress

When To All The Boys: Always and Forever begins, the Covey family is in South Korea exploring all the country has to offer. Since they’re constantly walking around Lara Jean could have opted for a more comfortable wardrobe but that’s not Lara Jean.

Instead, Lara Jean sports some amazing outfits including this purple dress. Purple may not be a trademarked Lara Jean color but fans think it should be now that they’ve seen her in purple. The look is tied together with Lara Jean’s half-up half-down hairstyle which makes fans nostalgic for the first movie where Peter tells Lara Jean he likes it when her hair is down.

8 College Lara Jean Shirt + Shorts  

A behind shot of Lara Jean looking out a window

After years of Lara Jean feeling like the world was too big for her, she finally decides to put herself out there when she accepts an admission offer from NYU.

Moving to New York on her own is a big deal for Lara Jean and with a new change comes a change in one’s personal style. In the final moments of the movie, fans get a chance to see what college Lara Jean is like. Aside from sporting a shorter, mature hairstyle, she’s still the same girl who loves bright colors and simple shirt/skirt combos.

7 Blue Romper + Red Belt    

Lara Jean in Blue Romper + Red Belt

Even though fans only get to see the Covey’s South Korea trip in a quick montage, the montage gives them some of the best Lara Jean outfits of all time including this blue romper that Lara Jean pairs with a red belt.

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The romper is not only practical for exploring South Korea but it’s also extremely stylish. The red belt gives the look a pop of color. What really sells this look is the ruffled collar which shows off the locket Lara Jean received from Peter in the second movie.

6 Bowling Shirt 

Lara Jean in Bowling Shirt

When it comes to date nights, Peter is usually the one who does all the planning. However, in To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean takes the reigns and plans the perfect date night for Peter inspired by one of his favorite movies, The Big Lebowski. 

A night of bowling is too simple for Lara Jean though so she makes it extra special, baking them treats and getting them matching, custom bowling shirts. Of course, the shirts are in Lara Jean’s signature pink with their names stitched on the back in Lara Jean teal. The outfit is not only adorable but it matches the aesthetic of the bowling alley perfectly.

5 Baking Apron

Lara Jean in Baking Apron

One thing that has stayed consistent through all three To All The Boys movies is that Lara Jean loves to bake. She bakes when she’s happy but more importantly, she bakes when she’s stressed or as Lara Jean and Peter have come to call it, her “#pensivebake.”

Some might think that no one can look cute when baking but Lara Jean proves that theory wrong. Nothing is cuter than her vintage-inspired, baby blue apron. The apron has become a signature look for Lara Jean and fans were excited that it made one final appearance while Lara Jean worked on perfecting a wedding cake recipe for her dad.

4 Prom Dress 

Lara Jean in Prom Dress

There is no denying that prom is a big deal to many high schoolers and Lara Jean is no exception. After weeks of contemplating which dress to wear with her best friend Chris, Lara Jean eventually settles on this stunning pink gown fit for a princess.

The bodice is decorated with pink and green floral appliqué that pop on Lara Jean and blend in well with her pink corsage from Peter. The skirt is a beautiful shade of pink that pleats in all the right places. While it may not be the most stunning dress Lara Jean has ever worn, as it’s hard to top her dance dress from To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Lara Jean’s prom dress is still perfect.

3 Wedding Gown 

Lara Jean in Wedding Gown

To All The Boys: Always and Forever may have ended with Lara Jean and Peter in a long-distance relationship as they head off for college but that didn’t stop the creators from teasing fans with Lara Jean and Peter’s possible future. In a dream sequence, Lara Jean imagines what her life will be like once she gets accepted into college and one of those dreams involves walking down the aisle towards a forever with Peter.

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In the dream sequence, Lara Jean wears a stunning ballgown-inspired wedding dress that is to die for. The full princess skirt is complemented by the lace bodice which includes sheer lace sleeves that are so Lara Jean. In fact, the wedding dress is similar to the dress she wears for prom.

2 Yellow New York Dress 

Lara Jean in Yellow New York Dress

Lara Jean did a lot of traveling in To All The Boys: Always and Forever and while her tourist fashion style was always amazing, the yellow dress she wore in New York really stole the show.

Fans have seen Lara Jean in yellow before but this dress stood out amongst the rest. The pale blue patterning brought something new to the dress and the pop of red from the belt tied the whole look together. Fans also loved that Lara Jean opted to pair this look with a comfortable shoe that screams New York City residents.

1 Blue Wedding Dress 

Lara Jean in Blue Wedding Dress

Over the three movies, Lara Jean’s fashion style has leaned more on soft, pastel colors. While that look has definitely worked for her, seeing Lara Jean in a darker color had fans’ jaws dropping.

Lara Jean definitely stole the show at Dan and Trina’s wedding when she decided to wear this beautiful royal blue deep v-neck dress. The dress is simple yet it screams eloquent. Plus, the skirt is the perfect length to twirl around the dance floor all night or be swooped up in a slow dance by Peter. Lara Jean’s choice to wear her hair in a stylish bun allowed for the dress to stand out even more.

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