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Key Highlights

  • A monthly subscription box for MDSCollection goes for S$29.90 with free local shipping
  • Homegrown subscription service StyleTheory offers subscribers the widest selection with over 40,000 designer threads and 2,200 designer bags
  • Popular options such as CURATEUR by Rachel Zoe and Elizabeth & Clarke don’t include free international shipping, which could set you back an additional S$33

Fashion subscription boxes are a fuss-free means of getting new pieces on the cheap. And with some of these boxes offering clothes on a rental basis, you’ll get a fresh wardrobe update monthly without hurting the wallet.

For your convenience, we’ve rounded up the best fashion subscription boxes (with prices), and what to expect in each of them. You might also want to consider getting a rewards credit card in Singapore to maximise cashback on your spending.

Fashion Subscription Box Price What You’ll Get Why We Love It Why We Don’t Who It’s Best For
MDS Collections From S$29.90/box You’ll receive one credit a month
Each credit entitles you to pick one item from its online store
Free shipping within Singapore; an additional S$3.99 flat fee applies for worldwide shipping
Over 600 new styles are dropped monthly
20% off purchases made at MDS Collections’ online store and physical stores
Unused monthly credits are stackable and don’t expire
For every dollar spent per item, you’ll earn one reward point. These can be exchanged for cash vouchers worth between S$3 and S$50
Minimum three-month subscription required Students and young working adults
HerVelvetVase Moodbox From S$50/box A curated monthly box with S$88 worth of clothing and/or accessories (for the basic subscription box, Mini Me) sent over six months
Choose from three tiers of boxes: Mini Me, Regular Me, and Super Me
Each tier includes the option to subscribe for one month, three months, or six months
A one-time exchange is applicable on three-month subscriptions; six-month subscriptions are offered up to three exchanges The limited exchanges may be an issue if the clothing or jewellery received aren’t a good fit.
That one-time mood boxes are not entitled to exchanges
Only defective items include free postage for exchanges; in other cases, you’ll have to bear the shipping cost yourself
Anyone who loves customised surprises
StyleTheory From S$59/box Rent up to one box per month with three pieces
Free delivery and returns
It runs on a monthly billing cycle, and you’re free to cancel at any time
Over 40,000 clothing styles and 2,200 designer bags to choose from
Free dry-cleaning, delivery and returns
You can keep the chosen items as long as you want
You can then select your next box when you’ve returned your items
Other services are available: purchasing preloved items, a bag consignment service, and a bag restoration service
With so many styles available, you could end up spending an excessive amount of time selecting items
Sizes vary by the brand — this means you risk renting items that may not fit well
Students and working adults
Elizabeth & Clarke From S$80/box You’ll get to choose one shirt per box
Each box is shipped seasonally, or every three months (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
You can choose to have a box delivered every three or six months
No minimum commitment period
Items can be refunded or exchanged
You can opt to skip a season
A shipping fee of around S$33 applies for international orders, returns and exchanges for international orders — including those living in Singapore.
If you don’t select a shirt, a stylist will select one — and you won’t be able to change this once the box is being prepared for shipment
The modern working woman
CURATEUR by Rachel Zoe From S$116/box A five-piece seasonal curation per box, including one item of your choice (from two options). This might include accessories, skincare products and bags
Choose to pay per season for S$135/box, or an upfront fee of S$464/four boxes, which works out to S$116/box
With over 200 reviewers on the official CURATEUR site, subscribers rave about the quality of the received items The high cost of shipping: it’s dependent on international rates, duties and taxes Anyone who wants variety and a taste of American fashion designer Rachel Zoe’s edits

MDS Collections

You’ll find this homegrown brand’s physical stores across Singapore but MDS Collections is equally well-known for its monthly subscription clothing service, which was supposedly the first to be introduced in the country. Here’s how a subscription works: boxes start from S$29.90, which entitles you to one credit a month to redeem on most pieces in its online store. There’s additionally a loyalty points system, so you’re granted one point for every S$1 spent on an item. For instance, if you use your one credit to purchase a S$29.90 piece, you’ll be given 29 points. These points can eventually be used to redeem cash vouchers worth up to S$50.

With some 600 styles dropping monthly, you’ll likely be spoilt for choice. However, if nothing takes your fancy, these credits are stackable and don’t expire, so you can use them at a later time. And if you’ve changed your mind about a purchase, you’re free to return it; one credit will then be reissued to your account. A caveat, though: you’ll have to commit to the subscription plan for a minimum period of three months. Still, we like that there is free local shipping and a flat shipping fee of S$3.99 for subscribers located outside of Singapore.

HerVelvetVase Moodbox

HerVelvetVase is a Singapore-born label which everyday pieces are perfect for women of all body shapes and sizes, whether hourglass or athletic. Its physical and online stores include basics and smart work outfits. Think casual blouses, maxi dresses, tailored blazers and jumpsuits, and accessories, bags and shoes.

The HerVelvetVase Moodbox runs on a one-month, three-month, or six-month subscription cycle across three tiers: Mini Me, Regular Me, and Super Me. Each box features handpicked clothing and/or jewellery, and a one-time exchange is allowed if you commit minimally to a three-month subscription. For a one-off S$50 mood box, you’ll receive S$88 worth of items, making it quite the steal, and perfect for anyone who loves personalised surprises.


From professional workpieces and cocktail dresses to relaxed, casual outfits, StyleTheory is an easy go-to, given its extensive selection of over 40,000 designer pieces and 2,200 designer bags for your picking. It’s a neat way of looking stylish with preloved pieces that are dry-cleaned and delivered for free within one working day of your order.

To get started, you’ll have to download the app and register — there’s no minimum commitment period, and for a S$59/month box, you’ll be allowed to choose up to three pieces. Once you’ve selected them, check out and look forward to receiving your pieces. These can be worn and kept for as long as you like. However, if they aren’t a fit or quite your style, you’re free to return and swap them for another three pieces per month. Take note, though. To cancel your monthly subscription, you’ll need to do it one week before your next billing date.

Elizabeth & Clarke

This New York-based womenswear brand offers chic staples for the modern working woman. That means quality, pressed shirts made from vegan silk, which is in itself unstainable so you won’t have to worry about accidental sauce splashes leaving a (literal) mark.

A subscription plan starts from S$80/box of one shirt which is shipped seasonally or every three months. You’ll be given the option to choose any style of your choice up to two weeks prior to the shipping date. We also like that there’s no commitment period, so you’re able to cancel or pause your subscription at any point.

Do note that there’s a rather steep shipping fee of around S$33 applies per box to Singapore — including for returns and exchanges — making this a pricier alternative next to the other fashion subscription boxes featured here.

CURATEUR by Rachel Zoe

Here’s an easy way to borrow style cues from American fashion designer Rachel Zoe- through CURATEUR, a self-styled lifestyle membership programme formerly known as Box of Style. Each box is sent seasonally, and while you can opt for the pay-per-season plan, it’s the annual membership plan that will offer the biggest discounts. For instance, a one-off, pay-per-season box will set you back S$135/box, whereas opting for the annual subscription costs S$464/four boxes, which works out to just S$116/box.

Prior to shipping, you’ll be given the option to pick from one of two items — think hats or accessories — to complete a five-piece seasonal curation. Unfortunately, shipping to Singapore is calculated depending on international rates, duties and taxes, so that’s something to keep in mind prior to committing to the annual plan.

Having sorted the woes of a dull wardrobe, consider stretching your dollar further by putting your money in one of the best savings accounts in Singapore. Your wallet will thank you for it in the long run.

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