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It has now been over 12 months since Roger Federer last stepped on a tennis court for a competitive match, a hiatus that’s given his clothing sponsor Uniqlo ample time to produce a winning outfit for his return. 

With Federer’s comeback at the Qatar ExxonMobil Open now just days away, the Japanese firm has revealed his new outfit for Doha. Federer will also wear it in Dubai should he partake in back to back tournaments. You can check it out below.

Roger Federer’s Doha 2021 Outfit

federer doha 2021 outfit


For Federer’s return, Uniqlo has gone for a dark green outfit with some lighter green bands on the edges of the sleeves.

Like all his previous Uniqlo gear, it’s been designed by Christophe Lemaire of Uniqlo U, and as well as adult sizes, Uniqlo has also unveiled a kids range. 

It’s part of the Dry-Ex line and is 100% polyester. The matching lighter green shorts are yet to be listed for sale, but a matching hat is also available.

My take is that it looks ok from the pics. When I first saw the shirt’s main picture and nothing else, I wasn’t too impressed.

However, after seeing Federer’s photoshopped image and the kids’ outfit, which has a child wearing it, it looks better, and I do like the green colour they have used.

I also like the colour gradient design on the neckline, but I’m not a huge fan of the henley-ish collar style.

On the child’s outfit, the Uniqlo squares look a bit like the CEO got the first draft and replied with, “can we make the logo a bit bigger”. Christophe Lemaire’s eyes rolled, but to keep his job, it had to be done. 🤣

On the adult’s shirt, the logos are less of a problem as there’s more fabric to play with but still, they are a little excessive. Anyway, how it looks on the court is always the acid test and we’ll find out in around 10 days time.

What do you guys think of Federer’s Doha 2021 outfit? Should red and green ever be seen? Let me know in the comments.

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