Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor is the face of a new fashion collection inspired by the Queen Leave a comment

Unlike the many designers who have staged shows during London Fashion Week for the public to view online, Chong decided to channel all his efforts into these campaign shoots. “Phoebe has captured so many people’s imaginations this year – and having her as the face for this collection felt more relevant and inspiring this year than holding a show,” he says. “However famous she has become, she’s also been stuck in lockdown and doing the dishes like the rest of us, which is why we decided to shoot her indoors in a London flat – it felt important to have some realism.”

Realism with a heavy dose of romance, given Chong is clearly hopeful that this week’s announcement about a roadmap out of lockdown means wedding season will go ahead as planned.

During the pandemic, Self Portrait released a number of brightly coloured jumpers that sold out quickly to customers working from home. But with this collection, he has taken the brand back to the aesthetic it is famous for: beautifully cut dresses that are ideal for smart summer drinks, birthday parties and of course weddings, both for the guests and – in the case of the white applique dress in particular – the brides. 

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