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The animated sitcom King Of The Hill was a treasured show by its fans. Here are some great cosplays of the characters.

It’s now been over two decades since the premiere of the beloved Mike Judge series King of the Hill. Over that period of time, the show has gathered fans from all ages and places, the humor satirizing American culture, ignorance, gender roles, family dynamic, and society. There’s no questioning that the MTV series has reached legendary status amongst the animation community and TV-watchers.

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The series has inspired shows of all likes, particularly those in comedy, satire, parody, and sitcom. It’s also inspired the likes of the cosplay community, who have since expressed their love for the show and its memorable characters through dressed impersonations.

10 Alycat_cosplay

A simple yet accurate Luanne cosplay. The character herself is usually seen in the same strangely coordinated outfit: red running shorts and a bright green cropped tank-top. While the cosplay gets the clothing right, what really makes the outfit and brings Luanne to life is the hair. Any KOTH fan understands how important the character’s hair is to her (as an aspiring beauty technician) with the poof on the top, sided bangs, and cut at shoulder’s-length.

9 Dogmaster

This cosplayer brings Dale Gribble to life in a well-taken photo (sourced from a convention). From the shades to the detailed hat with “Mack Trucks” on it to the fit of the clothes and his wiry Dale-like frame, this cosplayer can’t help but look like he’s about to start his own radio channel about government conspiracies.

8 Syoder08

An absolutely horrifying display that will make anyone spit out their drink. Creative and delightfully odd, this cosplayer designed their own Hank-head prosthetic and painted their face in reference to the cartoon style.

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They even painted over their eyelids to get the effect for Hank’s eyes. Even their forlorn expression somehow reminds of the easily disturbed character.

7 Danny_d_cosplay

Bobby Hill has never felt so tangible in danny_d’s cosplay. The cosplayer even took the time to involve props in his photography, for example, standing next to a cardboard cutout of his movie-dad Hank. The accurate costuming and resembles the exuberant adolescent to a T.

6 Jade.jett

A lovely Luanne cosplay portraying her when she was on her communism kick, jade.jett reminds of a time when this gullible character was also at her most independent and experimental. She’s seen here literally nailing sign that reads “VOTE COMMUNIST” into the ground, sure to be a bit of a confusing sight for those who wouldn’t understand the hilarious reference.

5 Littleursacosplay

This cosplayer found themselves amongst friends at Long Beach Comix Expo when dressing up as Bill. Joined by an unsure-looking Hank Hill, a smoking Dale Gribble, and ponderous Boomhauer, the gang poses for a picture that perfectly encapsulates the awkward chemistry between the characters.

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All the costumes are accurate that they will bring delight to any fan. Even Hank’s thick glasses are enjoyably on point.

4 Kingbear213

John Redcorn doesn’t get enough love. Thankfully, kingbear213 is here to deliver the most loving and detailed costume of the spiritual healer and Joesph Gribble’s biological father. From observing his cosplay, even smaller details that match the character can be spotted, including his clothing and namely, his jewelry.

3 Avitalshtap

A Tiktoker who is avid about cosplaying, and describes himself as a “Pro cartoon man who also does writing, music, & voice actin’!”, is also a shameless King of the Hill fan. Delivering talented impressions of the characters Dale and more impressively, Hank, avitalshtap often replies or duets with other creators’ KOTH content.

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His outfits are precise, further framing his fun performances. The Hank Hill voice he does is likely the best to be found on the platform.

2 Dchurch1995

Dchurch1995’s cosplay of Dale Gribble is faithful on a level that only true fans will understand. Adding accessories based on one of the most notorious (and funniest) King of the Hill memes and iconic Dale moments, this cosplayer decided to dress like him and adorn himself with a little sack. To the uninitiated: Dale Gribble and his pocket sand is one of the show’s standout jokes. Only someone as paranoid as the exterminator himself would carry such a random yet effective means of self-defensive.

1 Judy Goode

This lovely queen’s amazing and creepily accurate cosplay is utterly unmatched. In their Tiktok showing their transition into the sporty and confident Peggy Hill, from the clothes to makeup, this cosplayer’s reveal is the most satisfying thing to bear witness to, whether or not the viewer is happens to be a King of the Hill fan. The pacing and editing are hilarious as she shows off her Peggy costume, the closest we’ll ever get to seeing the character in real life. Receiving hundreds of thousands of views and plenty of duets– @goodjudygoode receives the recognition deserved for such a dedicated and entertaining cosplay. Unlike most King of the Hill cosplays, this one likely took the most amount of time and effort to do as well.

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