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What’s your process for creating TikToks? Where do you get ideas?

Bader: I never try on the clothes before I make the videos, so my actual reactions on camera are my true first reactions to ever seeing the way the items look on my body. I think that’s why it’s so relatable and realistic. When I say the crazy things that I say or sing random songs, it literally just comes to me in the moment. A lot of the ideas and concepts come to mind at the most random times—before bed, in the shower. I’ve always been a pretty creative person but never got to use my creativity in the corporate world, and that’s why this is so exciting for me right now. 

Do you think people often get discouraged with online shopping? 

Bader: Online shopping for me is a hit or miss, and then I’m able to laugh about it, but I don’t think this is the case for the majority of people. It really damages their self-esteem, and a lot of people take the fit of clothing personally. Being a curvier girl, it is just frustrating. I want to make this easier for all of the people who struggle with this, which is why I put effort into buying all of these clothes and making the videos. When people see how these items look on my body, it gives other people a better idea of how it will look on them. 

I also love how you are honest about and critical of plus-size lines, and how the pieces often don’t fit right. Is this a common struggle? 

 Bader: A lot of these brands that carry plus sizes still don’t know what they’re doing. Sadly it’s still new for brands to extend their sizing. I always want to give brands a chance when their sizing is off, but they still carry larger sizes. At least they’re trying. The brands that refuse to even make the effort to make larger sizes are the ones I’m not a fan of. 

What are your tips for online shopping? You seem to be a pro!

Bader: The best tip I learned throughout this year when online shopping is to know your body measurements. Your bust. Waist and hips are the most important. Every single website has a size chart, and you can see what size you are on that specific chart. I am a 14/16 usually, but on some sites I’m an 18, a 2X, a medium, or large. It legit varies for every single brand, so when you know your measurements and accept that you will not be one size for all clothing, that makes shopping so much easier. Get some measuring body tape on Amazon and keep it handy. It does wonders. 

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