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  • Pregnancy is a joyous time that also comes with many adjustments, including several swift changes to your body.
  • Some retailers have embraced this moment and are designing clothes specifically to empower, enhance, and accentuate the physical changes of pregnancy.
  • Over the course of my pregnancy, I’ve tested tons of brands and styles to help others (and myself) find clothes that fit and feel good.
  • Below, I rounded up the best maternity clothes across different styles, through all trimesters, and at a variety of prices.
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Becoming pregnant is miraculous. Your body grows another entire human in the span of 40-some weeks. And since that little one needs space to thrive, the pregnant shape grows — a lot.

When I became pregnant earlier this year, I shifted my wardrobe slowly. While I knew friends who rushed out to buy maternity wear the second their test flashed two lines, I felt reticent. After all, this was a finite moment in time.

Cut to a few months later when even my stretchiest pants grew too tight and I knew it was time for maternity clothes. 

Turns out, this was no big sacrifice. Retailers are emerging with the sole purpose of celebrating pregnant parents with lines that embrace diverse shapes, styles, budgets, and trimesters. 

There are tailored blouses, buttery soft leggings, clever pieces that do double duty for nursing, and others that you’ll easily commit to wearing past post-partum.

How I chose the brands on this list:

With so many options, I tested numerous brands in my second and third trimester and selected the following choices based on these criteria:

  • They made me feel confident and secure. The clothing celebrated my shape, rather than trying to hide it or make me appear bigger.
  • They offered strong value. Maternity garments are worn for a short period of time, and, possibly, never again. I tested clothing at different stages of pregnancy to see how they adapted through multiple trimesters, with the potential for post-partum and beyond.
  • They’re crafted with high quality. These all withstood the tests of laundry and repeat wears.
  • They represent different price points. Whether you want to go all-out on a new wardrobe or invest in a few key items, these fit a wide range of budgets.

Here are the best places to shop for maternity clothes:

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