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Making money at home is an up-and-coming area, especially in the context of ongoing self-isolation. There are many ways to work remotely, from selling your own cookies to CFD Forex trading. In this article, we have compiled the top 10 most affordable options that will help you earn extra income or quit a boring office job. And if you are still in doubt whether this format is right for you, we have briefly described its benefits and added useful tips on how to find your niche.

Benefits of Working from Home

This type of work has many undeniable advantages:

  • Comfortable working conditions. You create the most favorable conditions for yourself.
  • Motivation. Your earnings depend entirely on you. Consequently, you have much more motivation than a person who receives a fixed salary while sitting in the office all day long.
  • Free schedule. You don’t have to rush to work every day, get stuck in traffic jams or crowded in public transport. Working from home gives total freedom as you set the schedule by yourself.
  • Savings on work clothes, transport, corporate meals, etc.
  • Career development. As you gain invaluable experience and new skills, over time, you will have a higher salary.

1. Invest

There are many options for making money on the Internet: investment projects, the stock market, the Forex, and so on. Such areas of activity allow you to get profit from your investments rather quickly. However, it requires specific skills, a general understanding of the particular market’s internal processes, and high-stress resistance from you. You can either double investments or instantly lose all your capital. Some of the areas, like CFD trading, allow participants to make money not only on the rise in prices but also on their fall. The main thing is to subtly feel the current trends in the area where you plan to put your money. Experts recommend investing in different projects so that you can make a profit in one if you lose money in another.

2. Teach Online

If you have a teaching background, international certifications, and are ready to share your knowledge with others, consider online learning. This format of classes has become especially relevant in 2020 and continues to be in trend. Therefore, you can teach languages, sciences like maths, prepare students for entering universities online, and so on. Online tutoring is not limited to school and university knowledge. You can teach fitness, yoga, cooking, sewing, playing musical instruments, painting, and other useful skills for everyone. It is important to find a reliable platform, where you will look for students.

3. Become Freelance Writer

Anyone who speaks a couple of languages and knows them well can make money writing articles. You don’t have to go to the office to be successful in this area. You are free to be anywhere in the world. Text content is necessary for any site, and therefore, by registering on copywriting platforms, you can find many customers. Payment depends on the rating (skills) of an author and the complexity of a topic. In addition to writing content for websites, you can compose texts for advertising brochures, articles for online magazines, blogs, news portals, and so on.

4. Handcraft

If your hobby is sewing toys or baking delicious cinnamon rolls, why not make it your main income? Real monthly earnings directly depend on the materials used and the demand for products, but after a while, your investment will pay off. You can make exclusive soap, knit toys for children, sew clothes, paint portraits, and bake cakes. It is challenging to list all the options. One thing is for sure, handicrafts are very popular nowadays since each product is unique and made individually for each client.

5. Become Call Center Operator

This type of activity requires neither special education nor particular skills. To become a call center operator, you don’t have to sit in the office at all. You can provide services remotely while being at home. As a rule, almost any modern company has a customer service department. Your task is to receive calls, advise on brand products or tariff plans, place orders, and pass them on. The field of activity of a business can be very different: from cargo transportation to online training. Payment in this area depends on the number of hours you are ready to devote to such work every day.

6. Show Yourself in SMM

You can start promoting some company’s account on social networks or promote your own page, getting money from advertising. Since modern society needs fresh content every day, such work is suitable for those who like to spend a lot of time on social networks and understand a specific audience’s needs. You can start an account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. And if you really want to, you can launch your own channel on YouTube or other video platforms. Fans of computer games can turn their hobby into a real job by streaming playthroughs on Twitch. The more you can attract people and the larger your audience is, the higher your earnings will be.

7. Sell Your Stuff

We are sure that you probably have a lot of things lying around at home that you do not use and can’t throw them away. If you are a supporter of reasonable consumption, then the best option for you is to sell personal things to someone who really needs them. It applies to clothes, shoes, bags, books, perfumes, and in general, almost anything if it is in good condition. The key to success in this business is high-quality product photography. Of course, this way of earning money isn’t the work of a lifetime (in the end, you will run out of stuff). However, it will be an excellent option for those who are broke or looking for a job.

8. Work for Stocks

Stocks are intermediary platforms that help sell products. They take care of all the organizational and technical issues, so your task is just to submit your work. Users can sell photos, images, videos, music, website templates, and fonts. For full-fledged earnings, your profile should have enough content to attract customers. Moreover, the database should be regularly updated with new works. You can publish your photos or music on one stock or choose several sites at once for a faster sale. Just remember that if you place your work on various stocks, its exclusivity decreases and, accordingly, so does your work’s cost.

9. Test Products

Before releasing a new product, any company conducts a series of tests. You can help a brand get better by testing their product and writing (or videoing) your review. It is important to identify possible bugs and describe your user experience and thoughts about an application, site, or software. Now there are many online platforms through which you can search for products to test. Payment is always different and depends on the specific project and brand. Of course, large companies have their own staff to find bugs, but small indie developers frequently turn to such freelance testers.

10. Rent Out Gadgets

It is another way for fans of reasonable consumption to make money. If you have furniture, a smartphone, camera, game console, smartwatch, or any other gadget that you haven’t used for a long time, rent it out. You only need to create a profile on one of the platforms looking for such people and post photos of the products you are ready to share. As a rule, such sites offer the opportunity to redeem a particular product after 6-12 months if a user pays without delays. The big advantage of this way of making money is that you don’t have to do anything at all.

Tips on How to Find Your Way

Many people often have no idea of how to make good money from home. Finding your niche and getting money from it in the home office mode is not difficult. Use our simple tips:

  • When starting a business, make a plan and set aside the time you are ready to spend. Choose only the direction that appeals to you.
  • Avoid dubious offers on the earnings market that promise big money in a short time.
  • Do not refuse unprofitable offers, as they can help to attract customers and widen your audience.
  • Advertise your services and products in social networks by posting an ad on your page or creating a group. A large number of subscribers will increase the likelihood that your ad will be seen.
  • Remember that any job requires effort. Therefore, a potential employer’s promises about getting money in a simple way indicate that they just want to cheat you.

Of course, working from home requires motivation, discipline, and perseverance from you. Not all people can work in the absence of a boss, exact deadlines, and a clear plan. You will have to control the work and draw up schedules for completing tasks by yourself.

Use the Internet to the Fullest to Make Money

With the development of modern technologies, it has become much easier to find a priority area of ​​activity, and the maximum income depends only on you. Working online allows you to be in any country and any place convenient for you; the main thing is a computer, laptop, or smartphone with Internet access. We hope that you can find activities to your liking on our list or at least determine the direction of development.


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