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The famous online store of SHEIN has created a clothing line that is ideal for all those lovers of the petsWell, that way they will look identical and the best of all is that it is at a very low cost and everything is super beautiful.

Recently, the SHEIN company brought out ideal outfits for you and your pet to combine and have the opportunity to create a mini you in a dog version or with your kitten.

This new line is called Pets and in them you can find pieces of clothing of all kinds, from a pink jacket suit, a polka dot blouse, a set with a neck scarf included and everything and even a leather vest.

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And the best part of all this is that you can find its human counterpart within the same page for you and your pet to combine their outfits.

But the most important thing is that you do not think that this whim is going to make you have to spend a lot of money, since the prices are extremely accessible and range from 100 pesos to 300 Mexican pesos.

It should be mentioned that the clothing sets do not go in the same package, because what SHEIN does is suggest similar or exactly the same clothes as those that you could buy for your pet and that are available within its catalog.

Sometimes the pattern matches, other times the style and other times it seems an exact replica, but rest assured that they will find a garment similar to the one you want for your pet.

And, as you can see, there are people who take care of their pets as if they were their own children, so it would not be strange for them to take them recreating their office, sports clothes or to go out for a walk and sit down for a drink in a porch.

It’s actually kind of funny, since it’s very similar to what we did with our dolls when we were little.

However, if this seems eccentric to you, but you liked the idea of ​​your puppy going out dressed on the street, there are many other options on the page that do not necessarily suggest a similar outfit for you.

New collection for curvy girls

On the other hand, SHEIN recently released their new curvy collection And as always, the favorite brand of fashionistas brings the best of fashion for this every season of the year, so there are no pretexts to always be in style, because now there are practically articles for all kinds of people, tastes, styles and else.

As you can see, SHEIN has become so popular with clothing stores around the world that it is already practically the most popular company in terms of Internet searches.

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And so much fame draws the attention of many buyers that upon reaching the page, they discover that the company is established in the United States.

And as the company itself boasts on its website, the store has been present in more than 220 countries for 11 years, so we can have complete confidence that it is a legitimate brand with a lot of experience, and its methods of payment are the most current and safe.

In fact, the financial company has a system known as “Buyer Protection”, and reserves the right to refund your money if there has been a problem during the purchase process, from a defective item or that does not correspond to its description to mishaps in sending the package.


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