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Yanet García celebrates the day of love with very little clothes! (Reform)

Yanet García celebrates the day of love with very little clothes! | Reform

The former weather girl Yanet Garcia Once again she set fire to social networks with this romantic and daring Instagram post where we see her celebrating the month of love wearing little clothes and with a black and white photo.

The beautiful model starts the week with one of the most candid photographs of the Valentine’s Day leaving his millions of followers breathless on the famous social network.

From his official Instagram account, we can appreciate that the presenter shared a rather provocative photo where she poses in profile and only with the bottom of her bikini while hugging a teddy bear.

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In this photograph where she boasts her impressive curves, Yanet left very, very little to the imagination and her admirers did not hesitate for a second to leave their likes in the publication or comment that emphasizes the beauty of García.


It is worth mentioning that his photograph has to date more than 331 thousand 408 likes on the Instagram social network, a number that will surely increase with the passing of days.

There is no doubt that the most s3nsual photography with which Yanet started the week on Instagram has already stolen the sighs of his more than 13 million followers and also serves as inspiration not to leave our exercise routine and achieve those incomparable curves.

On the other hand, since a couple of years ago when she stopped being “the weather girl”, the 30-year-old girl born in the city of Monterrey, has dedicated herself through her social networks to give some health advice and exercise routines to his more than 13 million followers.

In his official Instagram account is where he shares videos of his respective workouts as well as promoting various food products for body care.

And in addition to participating as a presenter on the small screen, the beautiful Mexican was part of the cast in two films for international cinema.

The first was in 2017, where he had a minor role in the American film called “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming” and later and after two years his first leading role in the Spanish production called “Bellezonismo” arrived.

Other celebrities who delighted their Valentine’s fans

On this special day most of the influencers and internet celebrities took the opportunity to share their best photos with their followers and thus give them a kind of gift, such is the example of Celia Lora, Daniella Chavez, Jennifer Lopez, Noelia, Jem Wolfie, among others.

In fact, Anastasia Kvikto, a recognized model of Russian origin, also joined the celebrities who celebrate Valentine’s Day, because the enormous charms of the Russian Kim Kardashian are already ready to celebrate at any time and she was one of those who most surprised his fans.

And it is that like other celebrities Anastasia Kvikto took full advantage of her popularity to promote various brands through her social networks, which she carried out with her outfit, since this was from a recognized clothing brand that is dedicated to selling exquisite garments.

It is worth mentioning that for some people the model Russian is one of the most beautiful women in the world and this type of comment is common in her publications, where without any shame they write words of love and desire with such confidence to the beautiful Anastasia Kvikto.

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