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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has launched a luxury women’s clothing line, Kyle x Shahida, specializing in high-end loungewear.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is no stranger to the side hustle. During her time on the show, viewers have seen her get involved in all kinds of different projects, from developing a TV series based on the time she was a child to opening and running her now-defunct Kyle by Alene Too clothing boutiques. As a result, few were surprised when the reality TV veteran launched her new clothing line, Kyle x Shahida.

During her time on RHOBH, Kyle has been vocal about her passion for womenswear and fashion trends. Not only did she flex her combined business savvy and flare for fashion when she opened the aforementioned Alene Too boutiques, but Kyle has a history of showing up to events decked out in head-to-toe designer, wearing the best sunglasses and the best shoes that money can buy. Her love for fashion also shines through in her annual trips to New York for Fashion Week, something she has been doing at least since RHOBH started airing.

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According to the Kyle x Shahida website, the goal of the company is to create clothes that are both luxurious and comfortable with an eye to trendy cuts and bold colors and prints. The clothing line’s specialty is creating clothes that straddle the line between sleepwear and on-trend, lounge-worthy daywear. Given Kyle Richards’ vocal love of mumu-style dresses and loose-fitting clothes, the brand’s loungewear focus is unsurprising.

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In spite of the company’s insistence that their mission is to celebrate and empower women across the globe—no matter their shape or size—a cursory glance at their current collection shows that all of the garments and accessories are expensive and cost-prohibitive for most buyers. Even the items on sale at reduced prices are still in the $100-$400 price range, which might be on-brand for Kyle Richards but still seems at odds with the company’s professed mission statement.

Kyle Richards is no doubt one of the housewives who comes to mind when it comes to being fashionable, on-trend, and passionate about clothing and innovation. With her enterprising spirit and seeming ability to always stay on top, her new Kyle x Shahida clothing line could be a promising start for her probable foray into fashion design and marketing. Unfortunately, the price of the items currently being offered on the company’s website are expensive, but who knows—maybe Kyle will treat Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans with a more budget-friendly clothing line in the future.

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