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In the second instalment of BBC Two’s The Ranganation (Sunday, 9pm), Romesh Ranganathan is joined virtually by celebrity guests Mo Gilligan, Katherine Ryan plus his hand-picked focus group The Ranganation as they chew over the lighter elements of this week’s news.

Topics covered in the episode include politicians being vaccinated topless, whether Boris Johnson needs three photographers, having a pet during lockdown and Valentine’s Day plans.

On whether Boris Johnson needs three photographers, Katherine Ryan said: “I think, hire more. Hire ten photographers. I want audio surveillance, 24/7 CCTV, I want to know what the hell is going on inside that man’s world. You know who they could use? I recently watched the Britney Spears documentary produced by the New York Times, and those paparazzi don’t take no for an answer and they ruined her life. Hire them!” 

Mo Gilligan said: “I’m not in favour of it but I get it. Listen, I be going to the Tesco myself and I be putting on my best clothes Romesh! Whatever it is that you need to do to make yourself feel good, I get it and I understand it. Because listen, I be going to the Tesco looking fly.”

Katherine Ryan added: “We’re supposed to dress in a flattering way for your body type but what is there (for him)… “Does this jacket make my death rate look the highest”? He’s not going to look good whatever he wears.”

Romesh said: “It’s a hard balance isn’t it? Boris’ hair looks like it’s been styled by a leaf blower, meanwhile Keir Starmer looks like the first bloke your mum dates after a divorce and says: ‘You don’t have to call me Dad’. The truth is in politics, don’t let how you look be the story.”

On whether more politicians should follow Johnny Mercer’s example of getting the vaccine topless, Katherine Ryan said: “Yes, I love seeing their nips, and I’m very much for the ‘Free the Nipple’ movement. I think it makes them look vulnerable, relatable. I think they should do Prime Minister’s question time nips out, just really normalise the nip.”

Romesh: “I think you’re absolutely right, you sort of think, ‘This guy’s human, he’s got nipples.’ 

Mo: “You know when you go to get a Covid test and they stick it up your nose, that’s what we want to see our politicans do, because that is different. You know when you’re suppressing the sneeze – that’s what I want to see my politicians do!”

The Ranganation continues on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer at 9pm this Sunday 14 February.

Picture: BBC/Ranganation

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