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HEATED airdryers are a must-have for people for all seasons – and here’s where you can get your hands on one.

The dryers are shaped like normal drying racks but come with a plug, allowing you to switch it on so you can dry your clothes more quickly.

There are a range of heated dryers on offer on the high street


There are a range of heated dryers on offer on the high street

They’re a must-have in winter for people who don’t have a tumble dryer, can’t dry them outside and are finding it difficult to dry them indoors.

Most heated airdryers are quite economic to run these days as they’ve got a low wattage.

But you have to bear in mind it could affect your energy bill as it does use electricity.

We’ve rounded up the best – and cheapest – options out there so you can get your clothes dried much quicker.


Dunelm's dryer is the perfect size for small spaces


Dunelm’s dryer is the perfect size for small spacesCredit: Dunelm

The 100 watt air dryer from Dunelm is compact and made from a lightweight metal, meaning it’s easy to store and move around.

Its width is 94cm, height is 74cm and depth is 53cm.

The dryer has had largely positive reviews from shoppers on Dunelm’s website, with some saying that it’s great for students to use in their halls of residence.

It can be bought online, where delivery starts from £3.95, or bought in store.


The Daewoo heated winged airer is much larger thanks to the extra panels on the side.

Wilko said it can hold up to 10kg of washing, meaning that it’s perfect for the family load at home.

Wilko's expands out easily so it can hold a good sized load


Wilko’s expands out easily so it can hold a good sized loadCredit: Wilko

It is also strong enough to hold jeans and jumpers and is powered by 230 watts.

It’s a little larger than the Dunelm model, with a width of 147cm and a height of 94cm.

It can be bought online or in store.

If you order online, remember that click and collect costs an extra £2 while delivery starts from £5.

It’s currently out of stock online, so check your nearest Wilko to see if it is in store there.

To find your nearest branch, use the store locator tool.


Like Wilko's, Argos' can hold up to 10kg of washing


Like Wilko’s, Argos’ can hold up to 10kg of washingCredit: Argos

Similar to the Daewoo style, Argos’ heated air dryer has the wing style, meaning everything from your socks to your jackets can be hung out and dried quicker.

When it’s open, it has a width of 84cm, height of 93cm and depth of 54cm.

It can also hold up to 10kg of washing.

The dryer can be bought online or in store. Click and collect for Argos is free, while delivery starts from £3.95.

Minky has a similar version also from Argos which is on sale for £10 more at £50 plus shipping, while Dunelm’s version is £40 and is free to click and collect.


Wowcher's comes with or without a cover, so you can dry your clothes easily


Wowcher’s comes with or without a cover, so you can dry your clothes easilyCredit: Wowcher

Deals website Wowcher has a slightly different airer on offer – which comes with or without a cover.

The airer has three tiers and can be folded down when it’s not being used so you can store it easily.

For an extra £10, the cover will be included, which Wowcher said can help to dry your clothes quicker as the clothes will be in an enclosed space.

The offer is only available until November 23 2020, so if you want to buy one, you need to snap one up soon.

They’re subject to availability too and delivery costs and extra £6.99. For the full terms and conditions, have a look at Wowcher’s website.


Lakeland says having a cover will dry your clothes quicker


Lakeland says having a cover will dry your clothes quickerCredit: Lakeland

Like the Wowcher airer, Lakeland also is selling an airer that comes with a cover.

Lakeland said it helps to dry clothes more efficiently as it allows the hot air to circulate easily.

They’ve also said it reduces creases and ironing time, meaning it’s great for your delicate clothes.

Up to 12 items can be held on hangers inside it – but hangers aren’t included in the price.

You can buy it online, with free delivery, or find your nearest Lakeland store.

There’s also a pricer version, which is square shaped and comes with a cover, which costs £129.98 before shipping.

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