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Denise Richards is a legendary actress who is known for her roles in The World is Not Enough, Starship Troopers, and more recently, The Bold and The Beautiful. In 2019, however, Denise flipped the switch and joined reality television when she joined the ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Denise had an incredible first season as a housewife but she couldn’t handle the drama in her second season. She ended up quitting the show after her personal life became the entire storyline for season 10. Nevertheless, Denise had some pretty iconic quotes during her short time on the show.

10 “I’m F***ing Denise Richards”

I am denise richards - rhobh

Denise defending her celebrity to Kyle Richards was one of the most iconic moments in RHOBH history. Denise stated that she is Denise Richards and that her face is splattered on more magazines and websites than any other wife on the show.

There’s nothing Denise can do without the paparazzi knowing about it and her marriage to Charlie Sheen will be forever talked about. She is an icon and a legend Kyle better not forget that.

9 “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo”

bravo bravo bravo - beverly hills

If there’s one rule the housewives can’t do when filming, it’s breaking the fourth wall. Breaking the fourth wall essentially means admitting to the camera and to the audience that they’re on a reality show. For instance, the girls can’t look to the camera or talk to producers while being filmed. If they do, Bravo has to edit it out.

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Denise knew this and used it to her advantage. She knew that if she broke the fourth wall, Bravo would have to edit it out and not use what they filmed. So when the group began talking about her “relationship” with Brandi Glanville, Denise screamed “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo” so that cameras would stop rolling. Shockingly, Bravo kept the footage anyway because it was too good to pass up!

8 “You Can Be A Wild Thing, And A Protective Mom At The Same Time”

Denise Richards on being a wild mom - rhobh

The Denise vs. Brandi storyline took over most of the 10th season. It was a she said/she said situation. Did they or did they not hook up? There were a few instances where Denise’s parenting skills were thrown into question during the season. For starters, the housewives didn’t understand why Denise’s kids and their friends were at the house for a dinner party.

And second, Brandi claimed that Denise’s kids were within earshot when the two of them got together. Regardless of the truth, Denise sees nothing wrong with being both a “wild thing” and a “protective mom.”

7 “But We’re Going To Get A Steak And We’re Going To A Strip Club”

Denise and aaron going to the strip club - rhobh

Denise was lucky to have her husband Aaron as her support system but at the same time, he got involved in drama he shouldn’t have ever been involved in.

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While the two were at a barbeque at Kyle Richard’s house, Aaron defended his wife and got involved in an argument between Denise and most of the group. The couple ended up leaving Kyle’s early because of it. When Lisa Rinna ran up to them to ask where they were going, Denise very dryly stated that she and Aaron were going to the strip club for a steak. This became a meme instantly.

6 “I Sweat Bullets Figuring Out What I’m Gonna Wear With These Ladies”

Denise richards and the ladies of rhobh - bravo

The women of Beverly Hills know how to stop traffic. They have expensive tastes and epic closets. Women like Dorit and Erika are always pushing the limits with fashion and subtly try to out-do each other. But Denise? She’s more a laid back, Malibu-kind of gal.

In her first season of the show, she was completely shell-shocked when it came to dressing up around these girls. Whenever the dress code was relaxed, Denise would show up in comfortable clothes while everyone else was in high-end fashions. It was relatable watching her sweat around these women.

5 “These Girls Even Dress Up For Breakfast? They’re Lucky I Even Put A F***ing Bra On”

denise richards outfit in rhobh with lisa rinna - bravo

While on vacation in the ninth season, the girls told Denise to dress casually when meeting for drinks. But as per usual, no one was dressed casually. Denise showed up in a tank top and shorts while everyone else was in dresses and rompers.

Likewise, breakfast was the same deal. Denise told the cameras the girls were lucky she put a bra on for breakfast and was shocked that women like Erika and Dorit had full glam.

4 “I’ll Set A F***ing Plate”

Denise richards and charlie sheen on thanksiving - rhobh

In the ninth season, Denise didn’t need much of an introduction. If fans didn’t know her from her filmography, then they definitely knew her from her relationship with Charlie Sheen.

When Denise spoke about her relationship with Charlie, she noted that she filed for divorce when she was pregnant with their second child because he was no longer sober. As time went on, the two became cordial again. She even invited him over for Thanksgiving! However, when he showed up to Thanksgiving, he brought a paid escort with him. She had no choice but to set a plate for her at the dinner. At the end of the day, she was smart to get out of that marriage.

3 “Brandi Glanville’s Your Source?”

denise richards on brandi glanville - rhobh

When Brandi Glanville came on to the scene in season 10, the women had a ton of questions for her. Did she really sleep with Denise while Denise was married? Denise denied everything but Brandi had plenty of receipts proving the two had some kind of relationship together.

The ladies confronted Denise many times and she iconically joked that Brandi was their source… How could they believe her? That all changed when Brandi showed the ladies her text messages.

2 “The First Time That I Saw Aaron, I Thought He Was Hot As Balls”

Denise Richards Husband Aaron Phypers RHOBH

Before Denise and Aaron made a mess out of Kyle’s dinner, the couple seemed adorable in season nine. Denise told the cameras that she met Aaron when she attended his clinic for laser therapy.

To quote Denise, she thought “he was hot as balls.” The two began dating shortly after and later got married.

1 “…Who Told You That?”

Denise richards talking to lisa rinna - rhobh

This quote doesn’t sound like much but it’s riddled with secrets. Denise and Lisa Rinna had been friends for over 20 years. And now thanks to Brandi, their friendship appeared broken. In one scene, Denise stopped over Rinna’s to talk things through but they ended sourly.

As soon as Lisa Rinna mentioned that Denise sent Brandi a cease and desist, Denise was taken back. She didn’t know that Lisa knew. She coldly asked, “Who told you that?” and the mood changed drastically.

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