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Your Needs

Before assuming that’s what you need a set, consider the fact that, beside visual appeal, there’s no great advantage to a matching washer and dryer. While appliance makers would love for you to buy two machines rather than one from their brand, keep in mind that when it comes to making sustainable choices, it’s almost always best to use an existing working appliance rather than trash it for a new model. Yes, even if that newer machine is more efficient. So, if you have a working washing machine and a broken dryer (or vice versa), replace the broken unit only—don’t buy a new set.

If you want certain specialized features from your washer and dryer, you might find them at a better price in non-matching units from the same brand. Or even different brands altogether. Also, don’t assume that just because a company sells a matching set, that both units will work equally well. There are plenty of sets where the washer gets high marks from customers and consumer rating agencies, and the dryer gets poor marks (or, of course, the other way around). 

If you have your heart set on matching, keep in mind that if you are only replacing one unit, you could buy one half of a matching set and plan on replacing your other appliance with its mate when the time comes.


Before you buy, be sure to measure your laundry space to determine what size machines you can fit. Also consider how much space you have for the door to swing open, and the direction you’d like to door to open from. 

It’s also a good idea to measure any narrow doorways or halls that your washer/dryer set might have to pass through during delivery.

Hookups and Vents

For a washer/dryer set, you will need a water and electric hookup. In some cases, you’ll need a high-capacity electrical connection, so be sure to check the specs on your machine to see if you’ll need an electrician. 

If your home can accommodate a vent to the outdoors, there may be more dryer options available to you. However, there are now a number of excellent ventless dryers can can be tucked into tight spaces and don’t require vents. 

Energy Star Rating

Another issue with matching sets: Often only one of the machines will be Energy Star rated.

Energy Star ratings aren’t on a tier or level system like other ratings you might be familiar with. It’s either Energy Star rated because it meets a standard for energy savings over other similar machines or it doesn’t get to carry the seal. All machines included here are Energy Star rated except where noted. That means they use about 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water than non-rated machines. That electricity savings adds up over time to $35 per year on your utility bills and about 2,000 gallons of water per year based on an average of 300 loads a year.

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