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There’s probably no series out there that places as much emphasis on style as Devil May Cry. The franchise has made sure the games have carried a unique attitude, with every character displaying it through their traits and the way they are designed.

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Due to this, it’s natural that many costumes have been home runs, as the protagonists or antagonists have looked like a million bucks. The best outfits are those that capture the intent behind the character, along with providing the perfect visual appeal. However, certain outfits have been needless and, in some cases, downright laughable, which need to be pointed out as well.

10 WORST: Lady (Devil May Cry 4)

Lady’s attire in this game made no sense, seeing as she was supposed to be a demon hunter yet wore clothes that offered no mobility. It looked as if she’d been designed by a teenager rather than given an actual look someone of her stature in demon hunting would don.

Wearing a coat that barely fit and no layer underneath doesn’t exactly scream that Lady is looking for a fight. Her signature rocket launcher is usually considered as part of her costume, but this time it was just a prop since she didn’t even use it.

9 BEST: Nero (Devil May Cry 4)

Wearing a cloak with a hoodie is kind of genius considering the fact that Nero was supposed to be a rebel. The Order of Fortuna also had a medieval look to them, which Nero also captured through the design of his coat.

The rolled-up look adds to his boyish attitude, as Nero didn’t conform to the traditional straight-laced way he was supposed to wear this combo. It’s a great blend of old fashion with a rebellious twist, which, hopefully, will be brought back in Devil May Cry 6.

8 Worst: Diesel Dante (Devil May Cry 2)

Due to the lackluster reception of Devil May Cry 2, this detail might have gone unnoticed. For good reason, ultimately, as this outfit makes Dante look like a runway model reject. The costume itself isn’t that bad, but it matches horribly against Dante’s appearance.

The scarf added around Dante’s neck has no business being there, with the color of the outfit just seeming too “street” for how the character looks. Although he has the attitude of a young man, this get-up makes it seem as if Dante is having a midlife crisis.

7 BEST: Lady (Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening)

Due to being a teenager at the time, the schoolgirl look suited Lady as it confirmed she had no idea how insanely difficult her mission was and had decided to fight out of the angst of youth. It wasn’t pointlessly provocative as her Devil May Cry 4 look was, and this design said everything you needed to know about her characterization.

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The outfit was also an homage to the tropes found in anime, with Lady appearing very much like a character from this form of media. With Dante also being a teenager, he matched well with Lady’s appearance.

6 Worst: Gloria (Devil May Cry 4)

Since this was Trish putting on a disguise, all of Gloria can be considered as an outfit. More so than the actual costume, it’s the wig that makes this achieve a thumbs down. Even in animation, that hairpiece looks absolutely fake.

Although she seemed like a femme fatale, Gloria was crudely put together. She wore gloves and boots for no reason, seeing as they didn’t match her intent of fighting demons. This was simply another attempt at appealing toward the male fanbase rather than aligning the character’s outfit with her purpose.

5 BEST: Vergil (Devil May Cry 5)

Vergil’s reappearance finally brought a resolution to the previously unresolved question of his status. Upon returning, he was clad in his signature blue scheme, only appearing more mature due to the darker variant of his clothes.

Clad in an all-blue ensemble, Vergil was all-business as the dark scheme left no question of his intentions. The costume has a classy appearance, with the inner layer puffing Vergil’s chest out to exude the arrogance he displayed.

4 WORST: DmC Vergil

The issue with this attire is that there’s nothing happening with Vergil. He just seems like a guy who put on a coat and went about his business. Moreover, his well-kempt hair and features have the effect of making Vergil look like a jumped-up snob.

Vergil wearing such a dark scheme also gave away his eventual reveal as the villain, which DmC had attempted to hide from fans. Mainly, though, it’s the lack of creativity here that does injustice to Vergil as he doesn’t have the flair of the main universe version.

3 Best: DmC Dante

Although the reboot continues to get criticized for being such a departure for the franchise, it did capture Dante’s stylish quality. One look at him confirms his attitude of being a slacker with skills, with it seeming as if he’s thrown on a coat on his vest because he had nothing else to wear.

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The chain around Dante’s neck completes his appearance, as it adds that touch of mystery that would have otherwise been lacking. Grey and red don’t usually match so well, but Dante’s frame and the way he carries himself make this look a winner.

2 WORST: DmC Dante Alternate Costume

As to what’s going on here, that’s anybody’s guess, and that would probably still make more sense than Dante putting on whatever this is supposed to be. While alternate costumes tend to be out there, this one does nobody any favors.

Had Dante simply worn that T-shirt, it might have saved him some embarrassment, but the decision to add that red lining destroys any potential saving grace. With Dante also not having the black hair he usually does in this game, everything about this costume is a failure.

1 BEST: Dante (Devil May Cry 2)

There’s no look that conveys better the mystique Dante commanded among his enemies than this one. While his personality in this game was questionable due to the somber attitude he carried, the outfit he had was a class above others.

The billowing cloak, dark vest, and all-red scheme made for a perfect appearance that still hasn’t been surpassed in the series. This was Dante at his peak in some ways, and his outfit did wonders in making him seem like the real deal.

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